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Monday, 09 July 2018


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Still, Corbyn has always been against the EU.

When the question is put to 'the people' and the people decide 'wrong', the governing class will betray the people in favor of themselves.

"If Democratic Socialism works, why doesn’t Venezuela have toilet paper?"

We can sit back now and watch SoD get the future he wanted!

When did Michael Gove change his name?

Sorry, Deccers, I was in maximum grump mode this morning, hence my error which has now been corrected.

Well, Boris has gone now. It seems he has either started to develop some principles and backbone, or he scents blood. More resignations expected unless May changes tack.

Possibly true?

I note that both Redwood and the Mogg are keeping their powder dry.
I also note a poll indicating that 64% of Britons have no faith in TM, which might affect her support amongst MPs, who mostly want to keep their jobs.
We'll be out in a few years regardless- though probably with more pain than necessary thanks to stubborn remainers. May's deal would be repudiated in that time, even if both Parliament and the EU accept it now- and I doubt either will happen.
As an extra I would add that the EU faces many problems apart from Brexit and any one of them could break it up. Indeed it still remains possible that GB will be the last nation to leave- but leave we eventually will.

May's scorched earth policy has yielded its first results.

She'll let more Brexiteers fill the empty gaps in the ranks of their marching columns as they trudge deeper into Fudgeland. They haven't the courage or stamina to draw her into a pitched battle because they know it would be Mutual Assured Destruction.

Juncker will grant her an endless extension, a vast depth of territory to retreat into and from which no Brexiteer will return.

A Norgie type deal in two or three years time will settle it for a while.

The irony is by then the Nordics, Baltics, Ost Blockers, and Club Medders might have done the Jerries in good and proper off their own bat, and put EU 2.0 in along lines very amenable to all of us on this island.

Be nice to be on the victory parade like we were the last couple of times. I mean, imagine popping your clogs and finding yourself sat bewinged on a cloud with two vets from each prior outing next to you asking, "And what did you do in this one then?"

Bloody funny how history repeats itself.


Of course, there is always the chance you won't sitting on a cloud; you'll be a stoker!

A must read by Will Haig ...

One benefit of Brexit is it's applying a "tosspot filter" to Blighty's top pols. The dreamer's, romantics, and cranks are falling by the wayside. What remains in the marching columns will be hard-nosed bastards capable of going toe-to-toe with Juncker, Merkel and the best of 'em.

After 45 years of lolling about and dicking about with fox hunting bans and, well, I can't actually think of anything else they have done in that period, real combat has now been resumed, separating the wheat from the chaff.

May's plan is neither hard nor soft Brexit, it sits in a perfect space between them. It's an incubator for the breeding of bastard pols, and euthanasia for the dreamers, romantics and cranks.

Like the North African desert in WWII, May's deal is a safe place to get it right. Safe in the sense that if things don't go well you've still got Blighty and the drawbridge to retreat to.

But if things go well, the grizzled vets that march out of Fudgeland post their Alamein will be the right stuff, and ready for the final assault on the Fatherland.

About two years to go.

The two years gone plus two more is the exact same time from Dunkirk to D-Day.

Funny how history ... - oh look, I'm repeating myself.


I read Hague's article and it is clear that his already tenuous grip on reality has slipped even further.

I don't know how much the telegraph pay him but it is money down the drain as far as I can tell.

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