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Thursday, 12 July 2018


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David, speaking of being a fly on the wall, the wonderful Kate at Small Dead Animals has published a nice extract of the Don's remarks to the Nato Secretary General, along with a link to the source.

An Example:

"PRESIDENT TRUMP: But how can you be together when a country is getting its energy from the person you want protection against or from the group that you want protection?

SECRETARY GENERAL STOLTENBERG: Because we understand that when we stand together, also in dealing with Russia, we are stronger. I think what we have seen is that —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: No, you’re just making Russia richer. You’re not dealing with Russia. You’re making Russia richer."

That offering from SoD previously is quite good! As for yesterday and the breakfast meeting with the NATO poobahs, well, plain speak is what the Western populations long to hear. The political elite types, not so much. The elites will come to fear their own people. Over here, the pearl clutching, smelling salts grabbing 'proper people' were enraged by the 'language used'. That means plain English to speak the truth. No Diplo speak. The average westerner wants to know who will protect us from our out of control kakistocracy.

It is a sad indication of where we are that the spectacle of a politician telling the truth sends his golleagues and establishment troughers into an attack of the vapours.

In trying to make sense of Trump you're overthinking him. All his tough talk, misdirection, contradictory statements, boorish behavior and lies (for example, the US does not pay 90% of NATO expenses) is for domestic consumption. It's vital to him that he hang on to his political base, and he's skilled in the use of television. There will be clips of his acting "strong" at the NATO talks in an endless loop on State Television Fox News. If he loses the Senate in November he will surely be in big trouble. Even if the Senate stays Republican he'll probably be in big trouble.

Keep writing Bob, sooner or later you'll run out of excuses!

The 48 steps into darkness ...


backofanenvelope, excuses for what?

The idea that Trump sees Putin as an enemy he needs to hold close is easily contradicted:

All these connections have been written and commented about in lots of sources, so "Politico is just fake news" won't do.

Errr, I'd have thought that chart was evidence of exactly the point: Trump sees Putin as an enemy he wants to hold close.

See step number 2.


Once again it seems Germany has to ask itself if it wants to be Europe's 'turd in the swimming pool'. Gerhard Schroder in charge of anything, especially where the Mongoloid Russians are involved, does not inspire confidence.


Hundred bucks says he doesn't "lose[s] the Senate in November" and, if you're up to it I'd combine my offering with, that there'll be a bump up in the number of House seats. Another hundred bucks.

Hell Bob I'm inclined to mark this as as one of my "Faved & Archived" so, whaddya say let's make it a simpler accounting matter of $250 bucks?

I've David's mailing address and its a simple matter of you getting it too. What's say we each mail to David's abode cashier's checks (cheques) [payable to SoD tho' ... David being a pensioner ...] which come November 9th, Lawrence types up another "inspiration for this here D&N blog-post"?

Whaddya say Bob, "Money where your mouth [keyboard] is?"

SoD, no, it means Trump has been doing business with Russians for a long time and doesn't see them as enemies at all. He's never said anything bad about Putin and trashed lots of other heads of state.



I never gamble, but if I did I'd never bet on the Democrats. Republicans are 10 times better at politics.


For your perusal ... (I thought to hit this site immediately following my "exposing my throat" to Bob. Heh heh):

(Of course clicking on that site's homepage and scrolling to the earlier posted piece say's "Dems have 'advantage'" - C'mon Bob its only money!)

Anyway David, you'll have noted (provided you bothered to read Mr. Sabato's site's analysis) that, there's a helluva lot more registered Dems than Republicans but, where Independents (of which I am one) are concerned things get dicier?

F'instance New York's recent notorious House 14 race where the Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whupped Incumbent Congressman Joseph Crowley by something like 4000 votes? Ocasio-Cortez grabbing 15,897 votes by registered voters over Mr. Crowley's 11,761?

Pause on that vote total: ... ... 27,658 TOTAL VOTES?

I only suggest pausing where that vote total's concerned as where the previous election Incumbent Mr. Crowley had to contest a challenger (2016) had 178,132 show up makes "something looks amiss"[?] ... (perhaps eligible voters were out marching/going-crazy owing to the zeitgeist)?

You'll recall David "all the experts having it wrong" (including I'd daresay a very real possibility of, last go-round's also acknowledged expert Mr. Sabato getting it, as he acknowledged on multiple networks and newshows, Totally Wrong?

Heck David even your esteemed self ... ...

Anyway David, just thinking on all the mid-terms "I've enjoyed" during my time breathing on this planet Earth I think, this 2018 goround looks to be shaping up a stunner.


Pony up!

JK, nope. Polls are only snapshots and Democrats can always snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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