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Wednesday, 11 July 2018


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I was hoping to read first thing this morning that the 'Conservative' Party had 'retired' PM May over night. Alas, not yet.

Alas, Whiters, the modern day Tory party is not the ruthless political machine it thinks it is. Just a bunch of total EU-loving wets! Even so, I think her days are numbered and the sooner the better. I do so hate being lied to!

A spell of "Durance Vile" in The Tower would be most appropriate for the recalcitrant "pollies" not carrying out the wishes of the people.

Yes SoD I know your opinion on the subject so settle down, have a Slivovitz [or whatever the favourite tipple is in your In-laws patch of Europe] and try not to get over-excited.

Mrs. May could save her government by buying a pair of steel-toed shoes and giving President Trump a solid kick in the yarbles when she sees him. All her competition would explode into puffs of black dust, all Harry Potter like.

The barmy old bat - BOB for short - has other things to worry about thsn Trump!

Trump is a riddle though.

On the one hand he berates Merkel for signing up to Nord Stream 2 and putting Germany in Putin's pocket, and on the other he can't wait to consummate his own bromance with the Vlad at their first meeting.

I don't know what to make of him.


Trump isn't hard to figure out. It's always all about him. He also said nice things about Kim, so it could be he thinks authoritarian strongmen are admirable. Possibly he's also trying to finagle the Trump Hotel in Moscow he's wanted for decades now. In the case of Merkel, though, it just comes down to: "You think you're better than me and I'm Putin's bitch. No, you're Putin's bitch!" Try to remember how your chums thought when you were all about 10 years old.

It seems to me that Trump is the only adult around.

I think I might have solved the Trump riddle.

I was contemplating Michael Corleone's great adage, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer".

The "...and keep your enemies closer" bit is deeper than the obvious "keeping an eye on your enemy is probably a good idea" meaning. What's also meant, and even better, is if you can convince your enemy he actually is a friend! Then he'll lower his guard and make himself vulnerable. When the moment comes to strike, it'll be all the easier. As the Gaffer notes in his post a similar adage, the really smart ones: "Smile, and murder as they smile".

So when it comes to Kim and Vlad, we see Trump is on the right track.

But what about the first bit, "Keep your friends close ..."? Why treat them as enemies?

Well, to be more convincing to your enemies as you trick them into believing that they are now your friends, of course!

Obama tried to "press the reset button" with Vlad while keeping his Western buddies as friends. Vlad smelt the obvious rat. Epic fail.

Watching Trump embroiled in his Rooskie interference scandal, tearing strips out of his ex-friends in the West, and heaping compliments and bromance on Kim and Vlad might just let vanity get the better of reality and have Kim and Vlad believe they are the US's NBF's.

It's certainly good enough for the Western "meeja" to have fallen for it!
Without knowing it they are helping Trump's cause by spouting on about him treating friends as enemies and vice versa. Bob's fallen for it too.

But I think Vlad is still very suspicious. That's what the Salisbury poisoning was all about, as I said at the time: It was Vlad's test. "How far will Trump go in his response?", wondered Vlad, "We'll see if he's really unfriended Blighty." Hitting the max response and solidarity button by expelling 100 diplo-spies might have given the game away.

Telling Merkel she's a splitter for signing off the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a signal that Vlad might not be as much of an NBF as Trump would like him to believe he is too.

Trump is going to have to come up with something like this for Vlad, "I had to do those two things because I'm still locked in with those liberal douche-bags", and then back it up with some really convincing ditching of Western solidarity and Vlad supporting action. The "meeja" will go into bonkers over-drive.

But only then might Vlad let his guard down and become vulnerable. The US intelligence services can run riot and prepare the US for the "Smile, and murder as she smiles" day.

So my short name for Trump, "The Don", was cuter than even I intended.

Michael Corleone eat your heart out. (Fades to that gloriously eerie theme music ...).


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