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Friday, 27 July 2018


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Wha ... no comments? Well I'll see to that!

There now. Much better.

Thanks, JK, although that 'Arkie yarn' was more complicated than an Agatha Christie murder mystery. Given that it took place in 'Arkie-land', I can only assume that Barney Magroo's gran'pa, and the founder of his business, was lurking somewhere in the background!

America is suffering under Cultural Marxism like the rest of the Western World. This is a battle between sickness and healthy, right and wrong, order and chaos. Order and chaos have been with us since Cain and Able. One side wants the other disarmed while the other side tells them, loosely, "Molon Labe".

Why are these Muslim males allowed to roam free? If the law looked the other way; the fathers, brothers and uncles of these girls should and should have taken matters in their own hands. Dead Muslim rapists will send a message to all concerned.

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