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Sunday, 29 July 2018


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Looking at photographs of Selmayr, I am reminded of Mrs May's controller, "Olly" Robbins. They look very similar.

Yes, BOE, now you mention it, they do. Don't tell me that Soros has a factory that produces these robots to run the world!

And he mocked our boys when they got knocked out of the WC by Croatia to the outrage of England fans ...

Mind you, probably the same England fans who were singing "Ten German bombers in the air" down my local battle cruiser when the Jerries exited the WC some days earlier.

All's fair in Love and War.

I'm glad you endorse the "WWII by other means" pattern of today's Blighty-Europe politics.

So in keeping with the pattern, and your being a hard Brexiteer, I assume that after Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain, with the Jerries preoccupied with the Soviet Union and US bombing raids, you would have endorsed Blighty not getting involved in D-Day and the march to Berlin with the rebels and our glorious allies?

Just let them slug it out to break the German hegemony, while we stand aside in our island fastness?


'Junck' was 'over here' just a few days ago and seemed alright. He even stood upright at the microphone a few times.

Juncker is President of the Commission. Selmayr is Juncker's Chief of Staff. Juncker was appointed by the Council of Ministers (remember Cameron's ineffective efforts to prevent that?). Did I miss the bit where the Council of Ministers annointed Selmayr to follow Juncker as President of the Commission?

'Deccers', read my link and all will be revealed!

That 'Monument to the Empty One' would look stunning in Nairobi or Havana.

All presidential libraries are constructed using private donations, usually from partisans. They don't start out as actual libraries with objective information available, but as monuments to shape public opinion. Obama's is a slight break from tradition. It won't house presidential records, but will release digital copies onto the WWW as they're declassified. There might be a branch of the Chicago Library in it.

That concept can be contrasted against, oh let's say, the "Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum" in California, which is a 240,000 square foot monstrosity. It contains records, but most won't be released for about 100 years. It has also featured presidential and, I kid you not, Disney memorabilia intended to draw and entertain children and fans. Not to pick on Ronnie, though. All presidents since FDR have perpetrated the same scam to a greater or lesser extent.

"Obama's is a slight break from tradition. It won't house presidential records, but will release digital copies onto the WWW as they're declassified."

That's actually pretty funny there Bob.

And ... too true alas.

..."caught dressed up as a policeman beating the crap out of protesters on Parisian streets." Leave him alone! He is one French 'cop' who has a clue about what needs doing when the need arises!

'Whiters', you are a very naughty boy and you will stay behind after 'skool' today and write 500 lines "Government employees have no right to pretend to be policemen and beat up civilians and should be charged with assault if they do!"

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