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Thursday, 19 July 2018


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Up front I have to declare that I am Jewish but have never been to Israel and have no desire to. My religion is incidental to my identity as Australian.

In respect to Israel when you are fighting constantly for your survival sometimes the methods may not always be kosher in the eyes of those who are not under constant attack by people whose openly avowed object is to kill you.

Which leads to a quote from Golda Meir

"The Egyptians could run to Egypt, the Syrians into Syria. The only place we could run was into the sea, and before we did that we might as well fight"

The strident criticism of Israel is out of balance when the terrorists of Hezbolah and Hamas get a free pass for their acts.

It seems some of the very best Socialists in the Western world all hail from wealthy back grounds. Also, it is astonishing how fast the Western 'New Left' has re-embraced anti-Semitism.

Rich socialists are the main American anti-semites? The ADL does not agree:

Bob - while Labour is clearly a hotbed of antisemitism, it is mostly confined to unpleasant words and support for Hezbollah. In the UK and Europe in general most acts of anti semitic violence are carried out by chaps called mohammed, recently arrived from fuck knows where, and allowed in for fuck knows why, to do fuck knows what.

In the mean time they rape a little here, stab a little there and generally make people wonder why we are quite so welcoming to some of the worlds flotsam and jetsam.

David I actually figured this to be the the "most difficult post"

But what do I think ...

In my experience,everyone who's not a Jew is antisemitic, even if it's just a little tiny bit.

JK, thanks for that link which took me down memory lane in something of a tremble because I thought it was going to be 'yuuuuuuuugely' embarrassing but actually, bar one line, I wouldn't change a word.

HOORAH! Sister Wolf is back - take cover everyone! Actually, Sis, (and I tremble as I write this) you are wrong. I view some of the actions of the Israeli state with a frown, and I am sure that at sometime in my life I came across a Jew or two I didn't like but I can stand on a stack of bibles (or Tanacks) and swear that it is not their inherent Jewishness I disliked. As I have mentioned before on this blog, I am a great admirer of the Jewish race who I guess have a larger intelligence quotient than any other race.

a stack of Tanacks?

Duffers my Hebrew is bloody apalling but to be grammatically correct I think you should be standing on a stack of s'farim.

Where is TBH when you need him?

Cuffleyburgers, I'm somewhat familiar with Europe's history in regard to anti-Semitism. It's an embarrassment to many Americans to find we're not so "exceptional" over here. Imagine, we have the same human failings as Europeans, and it can happen here. The "shining city on a hill" has dimmed a bit.

Bloody hell, AussieD, I don't understand anything about the dear, old C of E so don't expect anything sensible from me on Judaism!

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