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Monday, 02 July 2018


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The Mogg man in his 3 piece suit? By God there is still one British gent who wears a vest! There is hope for Britannia!

Mutti's people are revolting? Good! Be done with her! But Germany being Germany, it's the 'what comes next' that can be troublesome.

The great new Bolivarian for Mexico! A slobbering lefty buffoon. The Mexihican people have turned to a leftist for salvation. Yeahhh. Maybe the US should annex the north of Mexico and be done with it. Warn their new boy in Mexico City that his tenure can be short.

Andres Obrador was elected in a landslide. His main message was fighting government corruption and violence. His place on the political spectrum wasn't the main consideration. He is foremost a populist nationalist like Trump.

'We shall see what we shall see', Bob!

True enough, David. I should have added that, unlike Trump, Obrador has experience in government. It's doubtful he'll be Mexico's Hugo Chávez, but we don't know at this point.

I think we can all be grateful that President Trump had no previous experience in government. Look at the mess he’s sorting out that was left by the “elites”.

What mess is Trump sorting out?

Mexico has had a de facto socialist economy for around eighty years. I well remember when the firwst PAN President was eledted. My patient's mother had a month of free cable, so she was getting the Spanish channels, and all her neighbors congregated in her oiving room to watch the news. They got so excited when a priest appeared on the screen, in collar, no less. (The PRI had outlawed that decades previously.) He was only marginally successful. In Mexico, one still needs the cooperation of the local PRI boss to do anything, like plow the fields come springtime. Until the Central Americans began their exodus northward, our problem with the overwhelming numbers of illegals was people fleeing the Socialist paradise of Mexico. I am fluent in Spanish, and my vocabulary of curse words was hugely expanded in listening to Mexicans talk abo0ut their execrable government.I'll add that one of our problems with illegals has been that they assumed that our government functioned in a very similar manner, so, among other things, they ignored or evaded laws, like the requirement that a motorist carry collision insurance.

Latino people are very polite, and generally honest and kind. However, some of the cultural differences can make interaction with them confusing at best.

This latest adventure will be interesting, indeed, if only in the Chinese sense of the term.

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