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Friday, 20 July 2018


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Gads, I could have written that article myself. Tom Streithorst is spot on.

Thank you for the pointer duffers I shall read it when I get home.

O/t but have you noticed it is July 20th today, Germnay's national day of celebration (as opposed to April 20th, ahem), I take the liberty of directing you to my comments on the fact:

Bill V point to this article:


I hope you're wrong SoD.


I hope this amuses. It is taken from the HBO film Pentagon Wars, which is based on the memoirs of Colonel James G. Burton which are well worth reading. Believe you me, the film only scratches the surface!!



Cuffers, thanks for the link and I read the actual article in 'The Speccie' this evening. Sickening stuff!

Thanks, JK, I'll check that out later.

Richard, alas, my speakers have packed in so I will have to watch it later.

What a fascinating subject!
War will never be obsolete. It only takes one power, which need not be a state, and need not currently exist to see things otherwise and it becomes necessary. It doesn't matter how wrong and stupid the men who choose war are, everyone else must either fight or submit.

Whoops! Hit post instead of preview.
German individuals did not acquire land in Alsace or Lorraine following the Franco Prussian war, but the German government did acquire taxation and a source of recruits.
No-one in Napoleon's armies expected to gain slaves, and loot was incidental. Wars are not always, or even usually, fought solely for material gain.
The western military has a spectacular record of success from the siege of Malta and the battle of Lepanto to the present day. As they should have given the resources. That politicians have committed them pointlessly, and failed to capitalise on their success doesn't take anything away from the military achievement. Indeed without the capability of the military the manifest uselessness of the political class would have had dire consequences.

The western military has a spectacular record of success from the siege of Malta and the battle of Lepanto to the present

Pat it goes back further than that to the ancient Greeks and the naval battle of Salamis and the land battle at Platea.

For an excellent analysis of why western nations are so murderously efficient in a protracted conflict try Why the West has Won by Victor Davis Hanson.

if Russia gangs up with its neighbour China you may have to change your mind.
They have enormous armies unweakened by political correctness. The have nuclears galore.
And they are deeply patriotic and strongly hold a common belief.
The USA is riddled with cultural Marxism and the schools are full of snowflakes.

The Don reveals he's ready to turn on a sixpence and destroy Putin when the time is right ...

Just let a nutter or rogue element whack Putin in his autumn visit to the US. The US defence and intelligence community can't wait to see the back of him. They can easily open up the opportunity for one of their many naughty friends, or enemies, to deliver. It's not as if Vlad hasn't got many haters. If an Islamist martyr in a microlite swathed in Greenpeace slogans were to detonate himself on Vlad's limo, the plausible deniability would be a piece of piss.

Putin's powerbase would collapse, deck of cards style. You only have to click the top card to see the lot fall. In such a perfect pyramid of power, the Gaffer, wise sage that he is, once observed the weakness of the pyramid, that it is not a stable wide base narrowing to a pointy top, but rather inverted and perched precariously on its pointy top>.

Gaffer, perhaps you could copy and paste the dialogue from you Napoleon play where the pyramid of power is discussed?

Yes, for sure, we are in a rare, but time honoured, moment, when one lump of lead smaller than your little finger is all we need spend on defence.


There is a lot of truth in the Streithorst article, if you come from the 'Fortress America' libertarian point of view. The Pentagon budget is always bloated because it is miss spent too often. If the public is to be up in arms over that agency and its spotty results, then the same public will be up in arms over the bloated misspent State Dept budget, Energy Dept budget, Education Dept budget, HHS Dept budget and so on. If worthwhile results for dollars spent are the goal, then those agencies should be condemned. But they aren't. All of those agencies employ many thousands of people and the ripple effect of that reverberates through the economy. Same with the Pentagon budget. It is not only Americans who benefit but many foreign people and governments benefit as well. Uncle Sam or Uncle Sucker?

We, and our allies, don't do age of conquest anymore because there is no need. However in this world, not everyone has gotten the memo about that 'age of conquest' thing. There are bad players who fully intend to make others 'bend to their will'. If not stopped, some of our allies make be called upon to do the bending.

The United States Navy is dispatched across the planet, not to blow up every land mass they find, but firstly to maintain open sea lanes for free travel and commerce. This task is done in conjunction with regional allies for mutual benefit.

If all our defense dept needs to do is keep the homeland safe and everyone else can fend for themselves...then why the Hell can't we secure and protect our southern border from unwanted illegals, narco trafficers and human smugglers?

I mean, MI6 tried it but fucked it up ...



You underestimate The Don. His actual plan is to use his vast and detailed knowledge of the human genome and nano mechanics to construct tiny robots that will enter the pores of Putin's hand upon their next greeting and eventually infect all Russians with microscopic robots that will rearrange specific alleles to turn them all into Rotary Club members:

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