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Wednesday, 04 July 2018


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Sometimes an iconoclast is needed and President Trump certainly fits the bill.

While the West was focused on defeating the USSR, the Western Left burrowed in to our institutions and started the systemic rot that comes from Leftism and cultural Marxism. Our greatest enemy is not Russia or China or Islam, it is the detritus that is the consequence of Leftist success. The enemy is within. To win a war, know the enemy, speak its name, understand his tactics and then attack him on all fronts.


Exactly. Russia or China or Islam may get the better of us. But it will not be because of their relative power, but because of our relative weakness. The Left will have made the defence of principles unfashionable and ridiculous, and so nobody will want to defend them. We will be overcome because of our lack of determined and loyal people.

Quite honestly it is all rather refreshing.

All the named organisations and others too, naming no names (JC Junker, have another brandy) have had serious mission creep and any good intentions they might have had have morphed into an enormous and sinister mechanism for subverting democracy and robbing taxpayers and consumers generally, blind.

Only a non-politician could do it and only a quite exceptional non-politician could get elected in the first place.

Trump is in office because of a perfect storm that included help from our antiquated electoral system, the habit of voters to change the party in power after a two term president, James Comey's lack of professionalism and Russian hackers and trolls. The biggest assist, though, was Democrats who ran one of the worst candidates imaginable. With a little luck they've learned their lesson and won't be tempted by Clintonism, in both its general and specific senses again. And you're right, David. It's going to be a bumpy ride:

It's funny Bob, but I can remember a post from you about 3 years ago, eulogising Hilary Clinton. Quite the best thing since sliced bread. This was during the period when you had an ally, the chap in his Mom's basement who had escaped from the Carpenter's blog.

About that Gallup patriot poll:

backofanenvelope, I have no idea what you're writing about. The best I remember saying about Hillary is that she would probably be good for women and children, and I still believe that. She certainly wouldn't have put the young children of asylum-seekers in cages.


Whitewall, during the Obama administration the polling was more or less reversed. No sane person thought that meant Republicans hate America.

By the way Trump fans, the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is controlled by Republicans, has released a report:

You'd be wise to be a bit more circumspect about feelings toward America.

Bob maybe the difference is only one party habitually riots and demonstrates weekly in the streets, harasses cabinet officials, #Resistance etc.

Whitewall, evidently you don't remember the Tea Party demonstrations or their candidates - for example Sharron Angle who recommended "Second Amendment remedies" to deal with the supposedly "tyrannical" U.S. government. For the benefit of non-Americans, that means she was recommending people be shot with guns.

Do you think Americans shouldn't have the right to confront politicians verbally? How is the owner of a restaurant asking Sarah Sanders to leave different from a baker refusing to serve a person?

The TP was peaceful. WH staff and families, cabinet members and families are not elected pols.

The Tea Party was often violent:

I could go on. Not all people who buy cakes are elected pols either.

Come on Whitewall! Surely you remember the massed, black clad, masked, baton wielding ranks of the Tea Parties?

BOE, yeah I always managed to leave my mask etc at home. Same when it came to burning cars, I had no lighter. Fighting police took place a block away at all times. I could never be arrested and convicted because I was always innocently dodging Federal agencies who had no record of me but somehow always wanted to shut me up. One of these days maybe those of us on the Right will get our chance to riot instead of watching on the news. Right wing riots are different from Left wing ones. That is why they are rare.

All you have to do is nitpick definitions and - presto! - Tea Party demonstrations were all peaceful. Can you also rationalize the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, VA? Not even Fox News would do it:

On the other hand, Trump famously remarked there were "fine people" on both sides of the demonstration.

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