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Tuesday, 31 July 2018


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I don't have a prediction. But I'm pretty sure the people were well aware of Trump's manners before he was elected, so they are priced in and won't change a thing.
The two factors that will interplay are whether or not the voting public like the way things are going and whether or not they prefer a house of opposite party to the President.

As the wise man Yogi Berra hath sayeth: "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." So no attempt, but I'll point out David Catron's argument that political book makers and pundits having been wrong in the past means they'll always be wrong is just dumb.

Mid term elections are about turn out. The political base of each faction is on fire and ready to vote right now. Which means, the outcome will be decided by the worst political faction of all. Moderates.


In 1996 Mr. Clinton had a sign by is desk.

It is the economy, stupid!

All politicians in both parties should have one on their desks in flashing neon.

The biggest factor in the election will be when the voters look around and see if there employment coming back, the strip malls that have been half empty since 2008 are getting stores. Millions of subjective opinions.

Your guess is as good mine.All those issues that float around the news media won’t make any difference, it will be what people see with their own eyes in November.

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