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Tuesday, 31 July 2018


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Some of this 'let the judges pass it off to the doctors' slight of hand sounds a lot like current day Holland? If it isn't the Muslims and leftists eating their innards away, they now have medical agents on board. As Western Culture gets tired of itself, this sort of thing is inevitable it seems.

Sadly, Whitewall is right. Belgium is apparently even worse. Euthanasia, administered by doctors by patient request. So people with chronic depression get the doctor to give them an injection. And also children are put to sleep like an unwanted dog. A veneer of rational caring culture over a heart of barbarism.

I don't know about you, David, but I don't like the sound of it because I'm old.

David, fear not! SoD seems like a fine man with a good doubt from his maternal line? He will make sure you are done properly.

Isn't the EU HQ'd in Belgium? Irony there somewhere.

Bob, do what I did a few years ago, join a top notch gym. I haven't felt this strong and good since my early sixties.

G'day All,

Signing off for a few days. Computers will be switched off and packed today ready for moving house on Friday.

Back on the air [or electrons or whatever] sometime next week.

Behave yourselves while I'm away or it is the defaulters table for you.

Whitewall, good going. I've been working out since my teens. You might consider the paleo diet. It's better than other low-carb diets and can also help with strength, energy and general health. Cordain's book is best.

Well if you hadn't thrown out all the young carers and blocked new ones entering Blighty, the pressure to bump off the elderly and vulnerable in our increasingly aged and vulnerable society would disappear.


Well, that’s a new one! Brexit causes euthanasia!

AussieD, enjoy the move!

Isn't it strange that this has been brought in at roughly the same time that we are threatened with eating grass and leaves after Brexit, as all food imports will stop? Has anyone seen the death scene of Edward G Robinson, and what followed, in the film "Soylent Green"? Coincidence? I bloody hope so!

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