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Wednesday, 25 July 2018


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No, but he'd have been accused of wanting war- as Churchill was.

Liberal democracies seem to go through a silly phase after a war or cold. The 1920s/30s and the 1990s. As for 'the Don', he just might have acted differently with a thorough warning from the Brigadier, just as he very well might from SecDef Mattis.

Good question. But better would be to look at how the previous occupant and the third-previous occupant would have handled the situation. Those two walking examples of mentally deficiency (even though those two walking meat puppets went to the best schools and played in the best circles) would have done as well as good old Neville. The second-previous occupant, though matching the breeding and education of the other two, did somewhat, well, a lot better, and he got thrashed in the press and on the world stage for it.

'The Don?' He went to all the best schools, and received the best grooming and socialization. People forget that. He can play at 'old school fogey games' as well as the next one. But he's quite willing to point out a piece of dog-squeeze as a piece of dog-squeeze, and does so in a rather abrupt New York-ish manner, in order to shock others into a position of weakness. Good on him.

He would have done much better dealing with the 1930's political climate than, well, FDR and his pack of mental deficient in the State Department of the times.

Many, maybe most, will disagree with me, seeing his crude-ish acts as signs of stupidity and unworthiness. But I should remind everyone as to which Presidential Portrait he had hung prominently in the Oval Office. President Andrew Jackson. Another non-slick, rough-and-tumble individual who also was able to navigate the cess-pool of Washington politics. 'The Don's' heroes are Jackson, Washington, Churchill. Strong men, of sometimes strong and callous opinion, yet they all achieved great things.

Sorry David, I'm unable to regularly attend.

Andrew, you also noticed that painting of "Old Hickory" in many of Trump's WH photos?

Au contraire. The Don makes it quite clear that the US will not be messed with. Wars start because the protagonist concerned thinks they can get away with it (as the did under Obummer), either because of silence or sending messages indicating unreadiness or unwilligness. In this case The Don is making sure that a) he will not silently acquiesce and b) there are no mixed messages. Teheran has got the message, you can sure of that.

Thanks, JK, and I trust your absence is due to your call of duty and not to the call of Barney Magroo up in 'them thar hills'!

Whitehall, yes, I noticed, and so did our media, who made all sorts of negative statements about The Don choosing that portrait.

Another noticeable thing that The Don did was restore the bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office. Which one would have thought was a positive sign towards Anglo-American relations, but again, the MSM on both sides of the Pond freaked out about, along with lots of politicos on both sides, also.

Idiots. Everyone's governments and media are full of idiots. And these idiots have yet to figure out that poking The Don is about as positively productive as poking a badger. The stupid balloon thing was just a perfect example of how infantile the 'barking moonbats' are.

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