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Friday, 03 August 2018


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"...and lets fly with a stream of sound common-sense based on considerable knowledge."

Now hold on here! Isn't that a 'white centric' construct of the 'racist patriarchy'? D&N runs the risk of coming under attack for 'wrong think' or something.

Deacon sums it up ...

"About that “no deal” Brexit. Are we quite sure we’re ready?"


AEP, the DT's cry-wolfer, whose stunning, terrifying predictions have all failed to come true, has excelled himself with that desperate cover-up story.

To deny that Blighty has dropped to the bottom of the G7 GDP growth list is truly bonkers ...

To deny Blighty has lost 2% off GDP due to Brexit with a stream of "he's making it up as he goes along" excuses grabbing stubby, in quotes, references to abbreviations and city monikers for technicalities ("blowoff boom", "v-shaped" something or other, "Peronist blast of debt-driven late cycle fiscal stimulus") smacks of utter desperation to the point of toe-curling embarrassing.

How long will the DT hang on to this dolt?


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