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Thursday, 09 August 2018


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Drugs, guns, ABSENT FATHERS, 'rent seekers' among a connected pseudo bureaucrat investor class. That is a start. There is profit galore in the poverty industry.

David, what about the violence showing up there in London that you mentioned yesterday? Any parallels that you can discern?

Thankfully, Whiters, we do not - YET! - have the gun problem that you have 'over there'. Instead, we seem to be developing a knife problem with youths being stabbed at an increasing rate. Again, I say that it requires political will and the utterly useless, Left-wing Mayor of London does not have a shred of it!

The problem isnt guns or knives, it's drugs and specifically prohibition. Its never worked and always leads to disaster.

Like socialism. And like socialism it's an easy sell for lazy corrupt politicians to voters incapable of thought..

Cuffleyburgers is right.

Rahmbo is left-leaning? Ha!

Shouldn't the first link in that chain be a referendum on if we want drugs legalised and guns made available to law abiding citizens.

The issue isn't that plod isn't enforcing the law the issue is that they selectively enforce it. Our justice system is broken and when some thug gets away with bodily harm with a few hours community service and yet someone gets 13 months for talking it clearly needs fixing.

I think most people would want that changed but we are too thick as a people to vote for change.

Speaking of Rahm and the Left in general:


David avers, "We do not YET have the gun problem" however;

What's the old saw, Outlaw guns and then only the outlaws have guns?

JK, yep as sure as night follows day. I have never known a gun to commit a crime. The ones I have just lay there. Maybe they are indolent?

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