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Wednesday, 22 August 2018


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A long way to go yet, DD.

For sure, the usual suspects are on manoeuvres today, infesting what passes for News these days, but for a more restrained & thoughtful analysis, I would refer you to Steyn, & in particular this post

Sorry David, not even close. The MSM hyperventilating in unison with remarkably the same wording among them is doing battlefield prep for the fall election. This is going to be a long war between the 'Deplorables' and the 'Untouchables' that rule DC and thus the nation.

Heilbrunn is correct. There's no other way to objectively see recent events. If anything good comes of Trump's follies, it should be that the mantras "the country should be run like a business" and "we need an outsider" disappear from our political discourse. Both parties should have learned lessons: The Democrats that they can't pretend to be Republicans, and the Republicans that they need to be an actual political party rather than a PR firm.

I doubt that this will affect the vote of the deplorable, #walkawayers, and the minorities who have found that President Trump’s policies are having a positive effect. Hopefully this will galvanize support for the President in the midterms and 2020.

The worst possible outcome is what Bob is suggesting.

Bob, your final sentence is the crux of the matter, long term. As I have said for a while, there are too many Republicans in the Republican Party and too few Democrats in the Democratic Party. A 'Trump' figure emerged because one has to. A long war ahead.

Won't make a blind bit of difference.
Some will think the cases just but not many, and some of them will notice that they have nothing to do with the election.
Some will recognise them as stitch ups, but pretend to see them as just because they didn't like Trump anyway.
Some will see them as stitch ups and say so because they do like Trump.
And a small number will see them as stitch ups and vote to reduce the possibility of recurrence.

OT so please forgive,
AussieD, is this part of the same fight that Brexit Britain and Deplorables America are having?

G'day Whitewall,

Sort of. The Liberal Party here is actually a conservative party but in recent years had been hijacked by left leaning parliamentarians of whom Malcolm Turnbull is on the extreme left wing of the party - he would be more at home in the Labor Party.

There is a strong move to go back to the policy stance the Liberals were founded on and to do that it will be necessary to get rid of Turnbull as leader. That will happen very soon.

Hopefully we will see a return to the style of Party which stopped the boats of illegals, put a cap on immigration and encouraged business.

AussieD, I see. Sometimes political parties switch places over the years. Re the "Hopefully we will see a return to the style of Party which stopped the boats of illegals, put a cap on immigration and encouraged business"....I wish we had a party like that in the US.


Re the Dems: They developed a near fatal case of "third way" under the Clintons. Our Brit friends seem to have given Tony Blair the banishment he deserves. Let's hope the American public is as wise. Democracy is about having an honest conversation and competition of ideas. Unfortunately it's become too much about fooling people for votes. Trump's election probably showed the public has caught on.

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