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Friday, 24 August 2018


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Well they have done it. They being the parliamentary members of the Liberal Party. Liberal as in conservative [stop laughing]. Malcolm Turnbull [who once wanted to join the Labor Party [the buggers cannot even spell properly]] was, until this afternoon, Prime Minister. He has been replaced by a bloke called Morrison who was the Treasurer. He helped displace the previous PM.

Turdbull, the deposed PM, in his farewell diatribe condemned those in the party who plotted against him as being disloyal. Somewhat ironical when he did the same thing to the PM before him.

It now remains to be seen whether the new administration is any better than the one just given the flick. If not we are in for a Labor government sometime before the end of next year which is the latest the current mob can go before a general election is held.

Like pollies everywhere they waffle about having the interests of the people at heart while looking after their own interests first. A pox on all their houses.

Simples really.

Can't wait, AussieD, for the TV series!

I notice in the AP story that the infighting was between 'moderates' and those on the 'hard right' of the party. You have a 'right' and a 'hard right' or is this more media signalling disaproval? Sounds like Mr. Dutton did the heavy work for someone else to win.

The Curse of the Claw, aka signing up for the Glow Bull Warming scam, has consequences.

A pox on all their houses!

G'day Whitewall.

Media crap as usual. What they call moderates are well left of centre.

Peter Dutton did the hard work. Morrison may be more like Turnbull than we know as yet.

Andra hits it on the head. Be nice if they showed some interest in the people they are supposed to represent.

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