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Wednesday, 08 August 2018


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Has Boris been taking lessons from Trump?
He says something entirely obvious to the vast majority and then gets his opponents to attack that, hence attracting attention both to himself and to what he said. And making them look either dishonest or foolish since many have criticised the burqa in the past.
If the boy can keep this up he'll go far.

Indeed. Boris has not proposed a change in the law; he's simply expressed an opinion. And incidentally, that opinion finds favour with large numbers of UK citizens.

His crime is to actually criticise some members of protected minorities. The normal "establishment" position (epitomised by the BBC) is to pretend that anyone who is Muslim, gay, or disabled is somehow slightly and indefinably superior to someone who is not. Witness the extra fuss made over that nonentity who won a cake-baking TV show just because she was wearing a headscarf, and the swooning admiration for any entertainer who overlooks chasing the ladies in favour of a bit of bumming.

No surprise to hear that useless idiot May has caught a dose of this national malaise. I'm no fan of Boris, but in this case he shows the establishment up for the cosy liberal conspiracy of arse-lickers that it is. That's probably why he's doing it. If he's as smart and ambitious as they say he is, then watch this space. May surely can't have long to go...

I have seen women wearing the hijab for decades, as well as Jewish women covering their heads, but the first time I saw the burka in person is when we were passing through Leeds (nevermind) and the streets were littered with them. The sight threw my soul off balance.

The problem is is you do not know if they are walking black bin bags with legs inside.

Letter boxes are supposed to be red.

Seriously this form of dress is alien to the western concepts of visual as well as audible communication.

The femminists should be all over it like ants on a honey pot.

Perhaps we should paint our letterboxes black, as a surreal addition to the confusion.


I heard an amusing story from a place I used to work.

Two of the females asked one of the Muslim guys why he preferred to marry a Muslim girl from his home country rather than a UK girl.

His answer was, "Because you can train them easier".

I must try and find out what kind of day HR had as a result of that :-)


"Johnson “won’t be apologizing”, reported the BBC citing a source close to the former Foreign Secretary. “We have to call it out. If we fail to speak up for liberal values then we are simply yielding ground to reactionaries and extremists,” he reportedly added."

'Liberal values' are too important to be left in the hands 'liberal' arbiters. These arbiters will turn them into suicide pacts.

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