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Tuesday, 07 August 2018


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Sounds like a lovely expedition.

..."will knock up a gourmand dinner for me."
David, does your nearby supermarket cook up those sorts of dinners to go?

Try not to heckle, David. Other than that, have a good time.

Bob, David doesn't 'heckle'. He just leaves at intermission...mumbling and muttering.

Well, I'm having a WONDERFUL time refighting the Sword Beach part of the Overlord operation with pixillated warriors. Before computers came on the scene, I couldn't do that sort of thing without painting and deploying about about a million microscopic tanks, guns and infantry.

What could possibly go wrong?

Richard, there's an irony, 'SoD' who is a 'whizzy-do' computer expert spends most of his spare time making, painting and playing with toy soldiers and tanks!

Andra, "let me count the ways"! For a start, I just know that all this sunshine will disappear and we will be hit by tropical rainfall!

Berry's Coaches? Is there no train to London from nearby?

I know Brits complain about the rail system but on my several visits to the UK I have never found it anything but excellent - particularly the First Class carriages

Bless Sam Wanamaker indeed!

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