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Thursday, 30 August 2018


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Crowdfunding to pay legal costs? Obviously an imaginative attempt to perpetuate the most enduring stereotype.

"I never touched the wee lassies, but I'm not too bothered about proving it unless I can get someone else to stump up!"

Hmm. A nationalist and socialist party.

What on earth could ever go wrong?

I am not a fan of Alex Salmond, but I see nothing wrong with him soliciting crowdfunding to defend himself. The people paying up are doing so voluntarily after all.

On the other hand, the costs of those accusing him are also crowdfunded ... out of taxes confiscated from us under threat of force if we don't cough up.

It's the first time I am aware of AS seeming to occupy the moral high ground.

The 'Scots Nats' seem like a perfect match with the EU.

Won't comment on the particular Brit politics, but well done funny writing, David.

She is a nasty wee fopdoodle. But then he deserves her.

My former fellow countrymen - or some of them - deserve all they get for listening to and voting for these scum in the first place.

The Weegie for head is heid. As in " Away and bile yer heid"
A Man of your literary standing should know this.
And locally the wee Sturgeon is known as "nippy" (short for nippy sweetie) or Wee Jimmy, as in Cranky.

This thread is proving to be educational and fun to read. I'm seeing the origins of some of the old time expressions used in our North Carolina mountains! Pray continue!

WJ, I don't 'do' "literary standing", only semi-literary slumping! Even so, I am grateful for your dialectical coaching.

Whiters, am I right is suspecting that some of the inhabitants in the higher reaches of the North Carolina mountains bear an uncanny resemblance to each other?

David, yes indeed! We suspect the family tree rises a bit higher than most before branching!

@pils. Indeed, Isn't that combination of words more commonly known as Nazis?

Whitewall. A lot of lowland Scots and Ulster-,Scots settled in old USA.
Of course their language,or dialect went with them. It has a link with old English as spoken in earlier times all over the British Isles, and in parts of Scotland and Ulster it is still used. A search on-line for Scots and Ulster-Scots dictionaries might amuse you. When I was young ,a long time ago, country Scots children had two languages - the one for the classroom, because teachers knew that being able to speak the King's or Queen's English was important, and then the playground and home tongue. It made Scots good accent acquirers which is why some became convincing country and western singers. I like accents, dialects and all other regional distinguishing features. A uniform, homogenized society would be very boring. Lang may yer lum reek.

Whitewall, family resemblance is uncanny, me (1951), an ma son (1974), ma da (1911), an granda (1875), an great granda (1848) have a certain look. Thanks to the camera being invented.

WJohn, it is so true about accents and dialects. We still have many here in my state of North Carolina and there are a few old time African dialects as well. When I was a young boy, I would hear many cross uses of Scots terms from our western mountains to a couple hours east of me where Flora MacDonald and her group settled. Some of the Grave stones in that area are carved in Gaelic. The old African slave dialects are about gone except for small areas right on our coast line.

It's a lang road that's no goat a turnin'!

Jimmy...does this mean stunning good looks naturally run in your family? In my family, the trait takes long absences:(

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