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Thursday, 02 August 2018


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Try listening to this morning's Women's Hour. Margaret Hodge destroying Corbyn.

Good grief, BOE, I never would have imagined you as a WH listener!

I don't see Corbyn becoming PM regardless. Should Labour get elected a new leader will promptly get elected. Most likely McDonnell. Corbyn is there as a cuddly front man. Should Corbyn go before the next election McDonnell would presumably take over, and he ain't cuddly so I doubt he'll do as well. I suspect the support Corbyn did acquire during the last election campaign was in reality a loss of faith in May, a protest vote that the polls and the pundits said would not result in a Corbyn government. Cuddly Corbyn fell well short against the Maybot. If the Tories replace her with a leader with charisma and self belief they'll do much better.
Next there is the nature of momentum. It seems to be an organisation that demands ideological purity and obedience to the thoughts of the current leadership. Such organisations have been endemic on the left but have always split after a few years- people don't like being told what to think nor do they like being insulted, so either the group splits or it bleeds members or both. Best part of four years for that to happen.
Furthermore the Labour party nowadays represents academics, state employees and immigrants. Many of the old working class feel put down by academics and distrustful of certain immigrants, and will be looking for a new home.
Finally the next election will be after the revised boundaries which changes are generally reckoned to help the Tories by up to 40 seats.

No prediction here, but it's a mistake to underestimate what protest voters will overlook to "shake up the system". The US is currently a glaring case in point.

The fundamental weakness of Corbyn, McDonnell, and those others of the Labour "hard left" is that they never expected to come anywhere near power, so they didn't bother to monitor whether their actions would be used against them later. They've had 30 or 40 years of bimbling around talking shit - some of it rabidly anti-semitic - and now they find that it's being scraped up and wafted under the noses of the electorate. McDonnell will have a fair bit lying around; it's just a matter of time.

Ironically, there is probably quite a lot of truth in the Willsman bloke's anti-semitic rant that got him kicked into touch. He accused right-wing Jews of smearing the Labour Party. Well, right-wingers of every religious and cultural affiliation are rightly fearful of a Labour victory, and let's hope that some very clever Jewish businessmen have a lot more material, and a lot more outrage, and the political nous to use it well.

Whyaxye is right, McDonnell and co never expected to come anywhere near power. Hence stories such as this -

I've been telling people for years that McDonnell is the dangerous man to look out for, someone who will do a "Livingstone" and quietly and efficiently usurp the acceptable leader of the Labour Party (and just look how Livingstone turning the old GLC into his own personal fiefdom turned out. Just imagine McDonnell doing that to the country).
So, who to vote for at the next election? The treasonous or the treacherous? I do hope the Monster Raving Loony Party puts up a candidate where I live.

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