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Monday, 06 August 2018


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I'll grudgingly admit you looked acceptably handsome onstage, David. The story of Morris and Lona Cohen (the "real life" Krogers) is interesting and worth further reading. Most Americans interested in political history are somewhat familiar with the Rosenbergs, but probably not the Cohens. I'll be looking for a book on the "atomic spies", thank you.

Bob, whilst in the UK, the 'Krogers' were acting as a communications base for a Russian spy called 'Gordon Lonsdale' who had corrupted two members of staff at the Portland submarine base and was receiving secret files on the British nuclear sub. Read all about it here:

The Cohens kept themselves busy, didn't they? I've found a book called 'Early Cold War Spies: The Espionage Trials That Shaped American Politics' by John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr, that's now in my queue.

Happy reading, Bob!

What a fascinating story.

David, congratulations. You got the comments on a Carpentariat post over the count of 40 once again. Really, Chicago again? Worse people than Obama have come from there; John Wayne Gacy, for example:

And of course, it's home to the 'Chicago school of economics' that you should worship. Besides, Chicago has 23.8 murders per 100000 people compared to 59.8 for the current leader, St. Louis, Missouri:

I mean, Henry VIII wasn't popular with everyone, but no one mocks London or any of the other places he lived just because he lived there.

I don't "mock" Chicago, Bob, I weep for it. However, I surprised myself by discovering that actually the murder rate there is dropping!!! I need to double check the stats but if they are true then 'Hizzonner' deserves one cheer at least!

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