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Friday, 24 August 2018


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Exactly. You don't want hordes of tourists rambling through Chateau Duff, do you?
Keep a low profile and, for god's sake, don't show them your legs or you'll never get rid of them.

David, what if one of us happens to be driving a very fine car?

My wife’s father used to say that the ideal tourist to Cornwall, drove up to the river Tamar, threw his wallet over - and went home!

God's 'little acre" hmmm ... does it compare to your ancestor's find?,n,duff,c,searcy,lat,36.000629425,lon,-92.7626647949.cfm

I shant, for the sake of you David link to what, as the last of the line SoD surely is, would be the the inheritance. Scenery's enough I'd claim.

By Jove, JK, the town of Duff is drop dead gorgeous! I want you to get up there and check the town records because I just know it is part of the Duff inheritance founded by 'ur wee Willy McDuff' who back in the day set sail for India but, alas, the farewell drams proved to be too many and too strong and so a slight error of navigation occurred! If it turns out that I actually own the town then, of course, I will appoint you as Sheriff. What a prospect!

As long as the tourists don't spoil God's Own Country, The Telegraph can say what it wants about Zummerset!!

A Yorkshire lass here at D&N - I tremble, Ma'am, I tremble! But you are quite right. Mind you, Yorkshire is pretty gorgeous, too!

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