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Monday, 13 August 2018


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There is much to say about Turkey. First Erdogan is a fool with dreams of being the new 'Sultan'. Next of many steps, is Turkey's currency which has been weakened and gaining speed in the wrong direction. Which means their sovereign debt owed to outside Italy and at increased risk of default. If the Rooskies want to step in, then they may very well catch the proverbial 'falling knife'.

There is more but it's lunch time!

Insofar as there's an absence of coherent policy from the US, Russia, Iran, China and some other iffy actors have a gap to fill. If being a milk-sop means having foreign policy under some control, Trump is definitely not a milk-sop. The only thing preventing total disaster is the so-called deep state; career employees in the State, Defense, and intelligence apparatuses.

Was it then the "deep state" which awarded Turkey the contract to repair British F-35 engines? Enquiring minds and all that.

OS, AussieD, do you have one of these yet?

G'day Whitewall.

I am sure Duffers won't mind us wandering off topic.

The short answer is no I don't but I sure as hell would like one . Don't know what I'd do with it as SWMBO's idea of roughing it now is purely 4 to 5 star and being waited on.

Which thought [completely and further off topic] reminds me that back in 2001 we were sailing our boat up the west coast of Canada and met a delightful couple from California in a large motor cruiser [everyone has their character flaws]. Betsy, the defacto skipper, would not allow her husband to buy a boat unless it had a ducted vacuum system, washing machine and micro-wave. Sort of a seagoing Unimog.

Made us think that our very comfortable but utilitarian sailing vessel was rather basic.

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