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Saturday, 25 August 2018


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The obvious flaw in the rosy scenario is that Brexit hasn't actually happened, and might not. So far there have only been a vote, some negotiations, and much Sturm und Drang. Don't put your party hat on just yet, David.

The Project Fear forecasts were for post referendum not post Brexit.

How can this be? All the 'proper people' said woe and misery would set in. If the 'wrong people' win elections the same thing can happen.

As a person who has lived the last fourteen years in France, I love Europe and hate the EU with a vengeance. When you see the turmoil caused in Greece Spain, Italy by the EU dictats with their German overseers. You know it has been for the benefit of one country only. Vichy France is alive and well and will tank with the turmoil of the peasant (farmers) class after Brexit when the CAP subsidies are revised.
Love of one's country is not something to be despised and this will come about in many countries after Brexit.
Well done the Brits say I, you have saved Europe once again.

The usual from me: We haven't even done Brexit yet, pound down 15-20%, Blighty went from 3.2% growth to 1.7%, top to bottom of G7, @Peter Whale "You've got to be in it to win it" i.e. you don't get to kick the Jerries off the top job of EUI and replace it with EUII under Anglo-centric governance by leaving the hotair equivalent of the field of glory in Europe, etc.


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