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Friday, 10 August 2018


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"Where do they find these people?"
Everywhere they hold influence, power and wealth. Like I said on the first post two below.

Boris is wrong. Muslim women in burkas look like beekeepers.

That makes you 'a very naughty boy', Bob, and you can expect a knock on your door from the 'old Bill'!

'diversity course'. Retraining to conform to the new Marxism. I hope Boris tells who ever to shove their 're education' up their red liberal backside.

Come on, DD, have some compassion for our constabulary! Catching murderers and acid-throwers is damn hard work, as they are not public figures and they tend to fight you when you try to arrest them. Far easier to concentrate on stuff people have said. That way, you don't spill your coffee or drop your doughnut.

Ms. Dick's promotion after what is undoubtedly the biggest imaginable foul-up is truly astonishing. I honestly can't think of a better example in any sphere. But then again, by the look of her I imagine she is a member of one of those groups whose appeasement and praise is mandatory for our political class, so she could order the shooting of dozens of innocent Londoners and still wait for promotion and honours to roll in.

Here's the definitive guide for BoJo and everyone on how not to offend anyone, courtesy the Beeb. The essential foundation of any diversity training course ...

All paid for through your media tax, aka the licence fee.


I wonder who constable Dickhead would arrest if a bank robbery took place with a black letterbox outside and a Muslim wearing a burkha walking past at the same time?

There's be some effing paperwork for that one, that's for sure.


Lets face it though. I would love to be on a diversity course with Boris, he would be so entertaining.

Thanks for the link SoD - everything you need to know about the bbc in 6 minutes of unwatchable shite.

An important public service

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