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Monday, 20 August 2018


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Rhodesia was turned into a shit hole and the same political ideologues and tribal grievances will do the same to SotheAfrika. Whites will bail and head for Oz, NZ or just north west of SA.

Many of the present inhabitants only arrived after the white folk made it something other than a pile of flyblown dust and have no rights to claim ownership other than their numbers and the present obsession with destroying all that the west has built.

Thanks, Thud, and welcome to D&N. I had a look at your site and I am truly impressed. First of all, you confine yourself to one or two sentences unlike the non-stop waffle I produce. Second, I am always deeply in awe of practical men who can construct things. Suffice to say that I am the sort of d.i.y. man who bangs screws into wood with a hammer!

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