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Friday, 10 August 2018


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One can dream.

The Manafort trial continues. Roger Stone and a whole new group of associated crooks and weirdos have come into view and - Squirrel! I mean Clinton!:

Until the Clinton inc network and crime family is brought down and brought to justice, the DOJ and FBI will not be cleaned out of their 'fixers' and cover up agents. I believe ultimately this entire fandango will reach into the Obama White House. Sunlight is the only thing that will restore the credibility of the DOJ and FBI. As the sunlight closes in, expect bodies and 'disappearances'. These are the Clintons after all.

Sorry sorry sorry for my absence from a keyboard upon which, my arthritic fingers might manage to tap out some bit from my memory core. Y'all do recall the revelations of last April do y'all not?

"According to the recently released report by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, McCabe instructed an FBI lawyer to tell the Journal’s reporter about a phone conversation McCabe had with a high-ranking Justice Department official."


"With that leak, McCabe violated department policy by confirming, for the first time, that there was an active criminal investigation underway into the Clinton Foundation."

"Inspector General Horowitz has been investigating the investigators to find out if the FBI or DOJ relied on “improper considerations.”

And I further ought to prompt y'alls memory jogs as to the additional instruction the IG got back at the time of his full-text release (May 2018) limited to the McCabe Report that, he (IG Horowitz) was further directed to "look into the alleged discrepancies and (whistleblower) reported misconduct in that earlier investigation."

Mueller isn't the only guy turning over rocks - just the only one the media cares to highlight.

So waddya think, JK, will 'HillBilly' be dragged screaming and shouting into court - or not?



Well belay that David. I didn't figure on Strzok getting fired either.

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