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Monday, 27 August 2018


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I haven't watched it yet, however, it would be such a relief to have a Police series in which the central character did not suffer from 'issues'; and in which the dialogue is audible. Is that too much to ask?

Oh, and while I am at it, no 'musical' interludes designed to pad out lengthy periods while the actor conveys inner anguish by ... looking anguished.

Antiterrorist unit storming train - female/effete male + black female
Antiterrorist sniper - female
Undercover operative on train - middle aged female
Primed suicide bomber - just needs a hug

You don't think the diversity agenda has been overdone ?

Another blogger we know recently said the new crop of British detective dramas were so eaten up with PC that they seemed a joke. For me, I'll take Inspector Alleyn, or Midsomer or Lord Peter Wimsey or Mrs. Bradley and the like.

David Morris, if they don't have a wise-cracking gender fluid wheelchair Sniper, then no, there's a wayssss to go....

SWMBO watched for me last night & made encrypted notes. After deciphering,the prog is

a) like watching a car crash on the other carriageway, can’t help it.

b) like they’re trying to hammer bits of the jigsaw that don’t fit into place.

c) Are the white men in there JUST to get shot? (YES)

d) Do the BBC have an effnik list for extras by race? (YES)

e) How many Somalis you could give a machine gun to. Or did they bring their own?

David, you wife is a shrewd critic!

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