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Sunday, 12 August 2018


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Lenin has his tomb, Obama has his mausoleum. Both cost millions, in more ways than one...

Spot on, again, 'Whiters'!

"An embarrassing conversation"? Right. These types of statements boil down to one meaning---one side talks while the other side listens. Any comments or questions that involve 'wrong think' will be smothered by 'speech minders'.

"We live in a liberal democracy..." Indeed and those necessary values are too important to be left in the hands of modern 'liberals'.

Since religion is just a subset of politics, why would anyone bother to be surprised by the hypocrisy?

I'll bet the Islamo fighter was telling his men the joke about the two Christians who walked in to a bar when, well, he just went all to pieces?

Fine shot SAS!

Afraid it’s behind a paywall, but this Judge is taking no prisoners:

Oh come on, 'Wiggers', I'm not paying to read that, can't you give us a brief summary?

to ease that path towards integration

The Baroness is apparently unaware that her religion's handbook, the far from holy Koran, is not big on integration preferring subjugation or conversion.

Or perhaps she is dissembling.

DD. Click the link and you’ll get an inkling.

Ah yes, Wiggers, I have been reading about Judge Ellis elsewhere. It will be fascinating to see where that trial goes over the next few weeks.

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