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Sunday, 19 August 2018


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My dear chap, if you must use these dreadful Americanisms at least spell them correctly. Hizzoner.

Sorry, sir, I'll hand in my 50 lines later on!

A tale of our times. A politician speaks the truth and gets crucified.

His error being essentially to sing the paises of family values.

His critics seem to think the fault lies with state for not bringing these kids up well.

The truth is of course that the state is largely responsible for the breakdown of most black families which lies behind so much of this misery. And is also responsible for prohibition which is another poisonous ingredient in the mix.

HMS Queen Elizabeth has already been landing joint aircraft in the Baltic? Or was that another ship?


Now you should realize why I wrote "Ha!" when you described Emanuel as "left leaning". He's a conservative Democrat and always has been. He's also one of the most unpopular mayors Chicago has ever had, barely squeaking out re-election against a rival nearly no one had heard of.

And, by the way, there are still 7 US cities with higher murder rates than Chicago's, including two with rates twice as high. The mayors of those, Lyda Krewson of St. Louis and Catherine Pugh of Baltimore are also Democrats, and both cities also have substantial black populations. Somehow, though, they don't get mentioned constantly in right wing talking points. Hmmmm. Why is Chicago not like the others? Could the difference be a certain ex-president didn't start out in politics in either of those cities?

If you're wondering, the answer is "yes".

Cuffleyburgers above is exactly right. The break down in black families was done deliberately in the 1960s which set up the social tragedy of today. It is a break down of family values. No child is born evil. Circumstances created by adults...some well meaning, but most more politically devious have caused this murderous epidemic. Bob is right in that Chicago grabs the headlines because of their mayor and other cities have higher rates than Chicago. But this phenomenon is occurring in cities across America with large black and Hispanic populations for the same reasons. In my region, this murder goes on weekly in cities with low populations of 18k-25k total population. The American southeast holds roughly half the black population and thus most of the black on black murders, but our region accounts for a larger toll than major cities run for decades by only Democrat mayors.

To begin stopping this epidemic of soulless murder, the truth of its root cause must be told and retold. Rahm's 'sin' of speaking it must be repeated.

Black families were deliberately broken down by slavers beginning in the early 17th century in the Jamestown, Virginia colony, which also explains why the Southeast still has the largest concentration of black population. Slave families were literally separated when forced to breed on demand and when members were put on the auction block.

Of course the amorality of these practices helped lead to our Civil War. Following that, though ex-slaves were technically free, Jim Crow laws kept them segregated into second-class citizenship and poverty.

The 1960's Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts ended Jim Crow laws in name. However, attacks on voting rights and disparities in education, hiring practices and treatment by law enforcement continue.

Bob, good points though they 'hopscotch' a bit. I know much deeper detail and may tell it sometime. None of this explains the same problem in the Hispanic community.

David, "Why do they bother?" About every two years, a tv program will pop up on the History Channel where some mysterious sighting of an escaped Nazi will be shown without showing anything after all these years.


I'm sure you know much more about history than the above, which was only intended to make a single point, really. The status of Hispanics in America is a lot more complicated, but we can speculate there are some major events behind the social friction. The disputed territories and Mexican-American War, the Cuban Revolution and American business and military intervention across Central and South America being big factors.

More recently the so-called "War on Drugs" and fact that Hispanics have grown from about 6% of the population in 1980 to 18% in 2015 makes them more of a concern to some people. Also, it's been common for both Mexicans and Americans to subjugate Mexican migrant and maquiladora workers. To really explore the subject would take an essay and, as much as I like David, he doesn't pay well enough.

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