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Sunday, 26 August 2018


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Senator McCain performed a final service to the Republican party and mostly to the Conservative movement.

Hitchens' piece is fantastic! The 'liberal experiment' of the 1960s has failed! God how it has failed! The same misguided, ignorant of history and experience, notions that took hold in Britain took hold over here too. Did you send it here or did we send it to you? Do 'liberals' now 'progressives' ever learn anything? No! They will only blame society and culture and class and privilege and other excuses. They will say we in the West didn't do enough! Being 'liberal' today means you never have to learn a damn thing!

What about 'conservatives'? Be they yours or ours, they only seem to 'conserve' that which the 'liberals' have changed, devalued, degraded, ruined or otherwise screwed up.

It will take smoke rising in cities- over there and here- for anything to begin to change-there or here. Hitchens dreads a 'Trump'? He had better pray for one to rise soon! If not, far worse will come. The 'Trump figure' is a warning.


Liberal: Change what works to something that doesn’t

Conservative: Preserve those changes

Reactionary: Change them back to what worked.

John McCain was the rarest of conservatives in recent American politics; an independent voice. He was an undoubtedly brave man with an outstanding war record who sincerely served his country most of his tenure, be he right or wrong. Political nit picking is now pointless.

Colonel Colborne of the 52nd Oxfordshire Light Infantry won the battle of Waterloo.

No damn gritty cloud was going to stop 9 battalions of Boney's Imperial Guard at the final critical moment, nor was Wellington.

But Colborne and the 52nd dispatched those 9 battalions off their own bat, without any orders from Wellington or anyone else.

Then Wellington covered it up and spun up a great lie that it was him (Wellington) and the wooden tops (British Guard) that defeated the Imperial Guard at the final critical moment and won it.

Possibly the biggest scandal in British military history.


I wonder what my Aussie e-pals think of that?

Duffers what I think about the treacherous bastards is unprintable.

The polite response is that once again we have been shafted by the people who are supposed to be looking after the best interests of the nations citizens.

The smell of hypocrisy around the Paris fiasco is strong. We have idiot pollies wanting to stick with it because burning coal in power stations is bad yet we export millions of tons of the finest coal to India and China so they can burn it in power stations to provide cheap electricity.

Lamposts may be he answer

the answer

It was the Scots that won the Battle of Waterloo with some help from the Krauts, Irish and some other fellows. The English were having Tiffin as they do and played no part.

Richard Sharpe won the Battle of Waterloo!

Turnbull should never have been in the Liberal Party. Here in Australia, we have stuck to the classic definition of Liberal, pro-business and minimal government. That was never Turnbull.
Scott Morrison has not abandoned the Paris agreement, but he is talking of it as a third-ranking order of business, so it's been sidelined. Maybe forever.

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