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Sunday, 05 August 2018


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The usual interpretation of the recent rise in Tory membership is that a leadership election is in the offing and they want to be able to vote. I seem to recall that Mr. Rees-Mogg was the one promoting this idea.

Aimed at Maduro:

¡Coño, fallé!

David, it's early for me, but "I leapt from bed and 'dashed away with the smoothing iron'"? I'm struggling with the 'leaping and dashing' part!

Whiters, perhaps I added the slightest of glosses and should have used 'fell' for "leapt" and 'nudging' for "dashing"!

I read this on a while ago, talking about the late Queen Mother:

In an age when retired leaders strive vulgarly to create “legacies” it is sobering to reflect that the most genuinely loved woman in England secured her place with a casual remark over six decades ago. Asked if she would remove her two young daughters from London during the Blitz, Queen Elizabeth replied: “The girls will not leave unless I do. I will not leave unless the King does. And the King will not leave under any circumstances whatsoever.”

I hope some of that spirit still exists.

So do I, Whiters!

With the fate of PM May/Brexit front and center, this is extremely well timed:

David, somehow you failed to mention Bannon has teamed up with his weasel Brit brother Nigel Farage. Please do us 'over here' the favor of keeping Bannon. We don't want him back. And by the way, It's disappointing 'The Daily Mail' has crowded out side-boob pictures with so many covered large-boob pictures.

An excellent summary, Whiters, I'm afraid to say!

No, Bob, Farage is not a "weasel". He is an incredible political revolutionary who, virtually single-handedly, offered this country a way out of a stifling trap. As for your 'boob' complaint, don't tell me, tell the editor of The Mail. Alas, these days boobs are of minimal interest to me!



1. Small carnivorous mammal with short legs and elongated body and neck.

2. A person who is regarded as treacherous or sneaky.

It works either way, David, but I should have written "Bannon's brother weasel". No need for identity politics.

The Mail, which you often reference here, should maintain its editorial standards, but I know what you mean. Pictures of breasts are more like pictures of beautiful sunsets than they used to be.

Better a weasel than a rabbit!

"Normally, I am a great admirer of Mr. Hodges but his column today in The Mail shows distinct signs of hysteria. According to him, there has been a sudden influx of new recruits into the Tory party"

And I'm one of them. I joined today. My SOLE motivation is that when the inevitable leadership challenge is held in the Autumn, I will be able to Vote Theresa May out of office.

P.S. Lawrence, this is no reflection of my political beliefs. I just want to see the back of Theresa the Terrible and the twenty five quid that will allow me a vote three months from hence seems a very sound investment.

David I haven't yet read the book but I suppose I'll have to now, but it seems to. Me that the idea the britain should go to war wit Germany over Czecho is pretty absurd.

I think Chamberlain was great right to do all he could to prevent war or if that failed as it was certain to do, to delay it as long as possible. This was a generation of people who had lost sons and brothers by the millions a quarter centry earlier.

Hitler, by his aggression put the democraci s in a hopless position. And as long as he was winning the german people backed him.

We should never have let them reunite.

"Apparently, the Venezuelan equivalent of 'Dad's Army' attempted to 'off' the raving Marxist idiot who has run his country into abject poverty by means of an explosive drone."

I imagine there are a lot of drones in any Marxist dictatorship.

Ref the drone assassination, notice how the Don and Vlad are less than keen to meet up on each other's territory. Both claim to be washing their hair that day, which is strange since Vlad hasn't got any and the Don's is probably "vac-and-go".

No, like two mafia Don's, both know a plausibly deniable assassination is on the cards for any visit to each other's stomping grounds.

That's the truth of it.

What a world.


"...the raving Marxist idiot..."

Is that not a tautology?

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