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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


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Always room in Oz for an ex-para.

It is dangerous to be the friend of the enemies of Israel. A lesson Jezza may learn if he is not careful about who he snuggles up to.

The roots of the problem is that Corbyn and the rest of Left have thrown in their lot with the Arabs. Their primary policy is the murder of all Jews, not just the Israelis.

The Leftist has mastered "Using the Truth to Lie". They master it because they must.

It's striking how much Corbyn's isolationist and nativist impulses mirror those of the far right over here. Maybe there's something to that "horseshoe" theory.

He is a man with no opinions, never tells what he thinks about issues, because he is unable to defend his views specifically ,only in the general," I am against all violence" sticking plaster he always has ready.
If he doesn't tell us his opinion on Brexit,Iran, HS2, Burkas, Heathrow etc etc , he doesn't have to defend it , so the multitudes will effectively give him a free pass.
Our justly reviled press will do nothing to break the JC bubble of unaccountability, their courage locker leaked out long ago.

If there was a Nobel prize for consistency, he would win it. For 30 years he has sat in Parliament and opposed everything.

That Corbyn can actually hang around in public is only a signal that the left has entered its decadent late phase, and it is deeply vulnerable. Deeply vulnerable to better ideas that bring competence and unity. These things that are anathema to the left. The fact that the likes of Donnell is his back up only seems to underscore. We have the same sort of thing with the American left.

Now somebody needs to step forward from the other side with better ideas that can actually work and make life better.

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