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Monday, 17 September 2018


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You are ever the gentleman, DD, but sometimes an "immaculately balanced view of the whole thing" is not needed. If you see something brown and smelly coming from the rear end of a bull, you just know what it is.

I think this episode is such nonsense that Kananaugh will not be harmed at all. I hope the harm rebounds on his pathetic enemies.

Trump has justified critics but the 'Democrat' Party has sunk to where it was always headed. Trash.

"It ain't beanbag" David.

I had to put that in quotes David a'cause of that Finley Peter Dunne feller.

Well, I dunno. I had an occasion many, many, years ago. I was 14 years old and very innocent. My sister was engaged to marry a fellow in a couple of weeks and he flew from his home town to meet the family.
He tried to rape me twice in my mother's house. I was very naive but knew his actions were so wrong. What to do? Should I let my sister marry this man - would she believe me?
I decided to tell her and she believed me and broke off the engagement. That man became a very, very successful businessman in Australia and was constantly in the news. He died a couple of months ago with a great hullaboo. Nevertheless, I know what I know and I won't be going public with it. Who needs the stress?

JK, it seems our MSM networks are pitching a fit over this ordered release. The 'threat to national security' song they are singing rings hollow. They have assigned the 'threat' label in the wrong place.

Right Whitewall, the "release" can not possibly threaten 'national security' rather ... um, 'personal prospects' maybe?

If I recall correctly the first warrant to spy on the Trump campaign's communications went to some eighty-three pages of which I calculated a mere seven to nine pages would be sufficient to both protect any 'means and methods' (which are the sole bits concerning to the IC) while, also sufficiently, shedding light on the process by which McCain, Comey & et al got this whole ball of wax rolling.

If I understand correctly, Trump's intent is to release twenty pages from the June 2017 warrant (by then probably in the neighborhood of 350 to maybe 400 total pages).

Twenty pages out of a 350+ page warrant ought quell (providing the quellees aren't inhabiting the MSNBC/CNN alternate universe) any concerns that National Security isn't being attended to.

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