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Friday, 14 September 2018


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Still aways off David so you've time to lay in stocks of the tinned herring. And water, candles.

Oh yeah ... and booze.

Extremely moist there apparently.

That fishing pier I showed last night is across the sound from this photo in Morehead City...where my brother lives, well, evacuated far inland luckily. The Fox News anchor is standing along the concrete boat docks where I often depart for several hours of mackerel fishing. The reporter can't use the bridge over the sound to see last night's pier because the bridge is closed to everyone. I doubt last night's pier is even standing.

Stay safe Whitewall. Thinking of you mate.

Love the Fox News clip. Every now and then the reporter takes his hand from the chain he is holding to resist the force of the wind to emphasize a point and instead of getting blown over he stands in the same position until he grabs the chain and pulls it tighter.

Still if someone had never experienced Storm Force winds I guess they would be impressed by it.

Best wishes to everyone in NC. Florence isn't going to be pretty:,000-lose-power,-many-flooded-by-Florence

I've a friend in Norman (Oklahoma) Whitewall whom I'm in fairly regular contact with during such times as these. Looks like you've an increased risk of those "whirly twirly things" more generally in my neck of the woods.

Keep an ear to your battery operated weather radio won't ya?

JK, the right side, meaning the north east side of a hurricane spins off counter clock wise wind bands and rain and they do indeed spawn tornadoes without much warning. In two to three feet of flood water, those things are very unnerving!

We are all thinking of you and wish you well. Hang in there .... better days ahead.

Sounds terrifying, Whiters.

I mean, "fractal tornados over water", that must be some sight.

When the counter-clockwise spin-offs grow to adulthood, do they send out clockwise spin-offs of their own?

Stuff of nightmares, stay safe Whiters.


SoD, these spin off tornadoes are usually small and sometimes in clusters and do short drops to the ground and then gone. They aren't the big 'belly draggers' that form in America's midwest 'tornado alley' near where JK lives.

From what our weather people are telling us now, the storm has degraded over land somewhat and crept, literally, wsw into the edge of coastal South Carolina and taken its heaviest storm surge with it. This means the north east side of the wind field has moved farther south from us thus lessening the worst danger. We are still catching high wind and heavy rain bands and can expect over flowing rivers by Tuesday. We are to get a lot less rain but South Carolina may get it bad. Better for me, but bad for them. Once the storm moves inland over SC it is supposed to speed up in a north west direction and have the nerve to cross back into North Carolina-well west of me- and then nne toward the upper Atlantic and then out to sea. Sometimes these storms go across the Atlantic and head straight for SW England. I know, I know!

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