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Friday, 21 September 2018


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It is now a matter of "Let the best chemist win" or in some sports "the biggest tantrum".

I doubt we will see sportsman of the ilk of Roger Bannister, Herb Elliott et al again.

Lots of people used to laugh when we played rugby in the sixties, and turned up with twelve players and lost 56-3, but we all agreed that it had been a great game!

The beer and friendship flowed for several hours, and nobody gave a hoot about the result.

Don't think that occurs these days, so goodbye to all that...

G'day Scrobs. Rugby Union is the game played in Heaven on alternate days to Cricket.

Being down three players out of fifteen is a sure recipe for a loss - unless of course it is the All Blacks playing a Club team. I would have said "Wallabies" instead of All Blacks but at the moment they would be pushed to beat a Club side that was three down.

I have fond memories and some aches and pains from many years ago playing Club rugby - not very well mind you.

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