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Tuesday, 25 September 2018


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What're the shouldered arms y'alls pictured bearskin hatted fellows have hoisted? Manufacturer, model, caliber (calibre?) [alas, given the state of y'alls armed forces] country-of-origin?

I've "goodled" of course but've gotten variants.

Halloween's coming up and, as the Ladyship expresses to go "full English Queenship" I only think it appropriate, I go likewise.

And the thing is, "dressing up as soldiering" in Arkansas even for Halloween is best done prepared for every contingency.

(I do have a 'really-tricked-out-AR' but as I say, I wanna be likewise.)

Another tradition down the gurgler sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. If Mr Lall wanted to join the Brigade of Guards he should have been prepared to wear the Bearskin. If not prepared to do so he should have looked elsewhere.

And yes I am quite happy to be labelled a Dinosaur.

JK being an ex-pusser what would be wrong with a snappy little 4" quick firer [sith turret] on the lawn for Haloween?

"sith"? Bugger it that should have been "with".

Aye AussieD a lil' ol' 4er'd be my preference but, alas, her Ladyship insists going as an English queen.

I'll have to be "fleet of foot" I reckon. For the party at any rate.

(Now when it comes to whether my lawn might be tricked rather than treated while we're at the costume party ... Y'all 'Commonwealthers' know what "rolled web-wires" are? "Infrared triggered lawn sprinklers"? Directed compressed air cannon"?)

"rolled web-wires"

JK I am sure with your contacts you could wangle a few tastefully arranged "Claymores" on the lawn. Add a whole new dimension to Trick or Treat.

After a fashion AussieD, the compressed air cannon might be thought of as claymores. I've a few fruit trees scattered about the lawn, an' there's "neighborhood deer" which, as I live in the city limits, I can't just simply do as I might've just some few years past living more out in the boonies.

That was, enjoy deer sandwiches and peaches. Arkansas Game Wardens frown on deer sandwiches out-of-season hence, "perimeter defense" which, fairly spooks the deer away from the plants.

Human pests on the other hand - especially those who might passably be called "determined" as they tend to be on certain nights such as a Razorback win (which as our college football team this season's emulating English teams, aren't happening fortunately for the fruit trees) or, given the Razorback's aren't winning - Halloween looks likely to be a sure-bet this year for some hooliganism.

So what's a feller to do?

Mind. I do enjoy stayin' in my yard rather'n a prison yard so I've tweaked the Down Knobs down considerably.

But for this one upcoming evening ...

Sorry, JK, I can't help you with identifying the weaponry carried by the Guards. In my day, you had to ram a ball and some wadding down a long barrel and then carefully tip some powder into a little pan before pointing it in the general direction of the enemy. Hopefully, you would be able to fire at the same time as all your comrades lined up either side of you because that was the only way to achieve one or two hits!

I will leave it to SoD to tell you what the weaponry above is, he's slightly more up to date than me!

@JK - SA80. Getting elderly now but the way the Min of Def runs things, it'll probably still be in use in 2118.

Spent three happy months in Arkansas in late Eighties. Beautiful. Good people, too (mostly). Would have been in the days when a certain intern-bothering Governor was sitting in the Capitol building.

MarkC, just be exceeding glad that a certain Governor's wife did not take a fancy to your balls, as she was known to sue people for them and eat them for breakfast next morning, and God help the cook who did not prepare then to spec's.

Now look here, Adams, where the hell have you been for the last few weeks? I didn't stamp your leave pass!

Thankee Kindly MarkC

My armorer's onit. Good fellow he, handy "cosmeticatizing" ARs.

Leaving of course, the funk-shun-alitee intact.

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