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Thursday, 13 September 2018


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Meh. Tennis PR tries to create the impression it's a sophisticated sport followed by an elite crowd. Whenever a player dares not play along they get roughed up in the press. Remember John McEnroe?:

I'd say it's a flattering portrait, even though it makes her look a bit too feminine to be entirely realistic.

She is just a spoiled brat who needs her arse skelpt

Could someone please explain to me why the above cartoon is WAAAYCIST and SEXIST and this one isn't?



The link to what I was trying to post came up with something completely different. I have sent the image I wanted to David via email. Hopefully, he will do the right thing and include it here!!!


Australian cartoonists are fearless.

Alas, Richard, I was unable to copy and paste the image you sent because, as I explained in a post down below, when it comes to these computer-thingies I am a moron!

I may try again tomorrow when I have more energy! Or perhaps I will ask my IT Manager aka 'SoD'!

Update on Hurricane Florence:

That wooden fishing pier is where I often go fishing. I doubt it survives. We are well battened down here so let's get on with it!


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