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Wednesday, 12 September 2018


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Dunno David every thing was all SoD or even Typepad.

'Bout 1300 (your time) I attempted a connect to D&N an' got an Error 404 ... there were three Windows updates in queue that I'd belayed as I was, of course, so enamored of your prose composings yeah right! that I didna wanna delay my landing on D&N.

Then I took a look at that hurricane [and just now again] on all the readily available radars to me - that thing is huge! keep "our guy" in your thoughts.

Do Whitewall, be a good (pre-gender neutral, admits girls, transmigrated and all otherwise "confused" discombobulates to the) Boy Scout my Friend.

If it's any consolation David, I'm one of those guys who knows as much as he needs to know about IT technology AND NO MORE!!!

I use my phone to ring people up, store telephone numbers, as an alarm clock, and - very occasionally - as a sat-nav... and that's about it!

I should also add that the phone in question is a very venerable iPhone 5 which I have had for the last five years. I know my way around it (sort of) it does what I want it to do, and I see absolutely no point in getting the latest all-singing all-dancing gadget every year and having to painstakingly learn how the damn thing works every time I replace it with a newer model.

We luddites must stick together.

Bah humbug!


Quite right, Richard!

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