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Saturday, 22 September 2018


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Oh dear. David ol' hoss.

David. David!

That there David is a Must Read! Comes highly recommended.

Get off war for awhile. Chop chop.

Thanks, JK, that sounds like a more nuanced appraisal of 'Trump-rule' but it might have been better timed at the end of his presidency!

Here's the teaser that did it fer me David.

In four parts. If you can get 'er to load over there in England.

An' Oz too AussieD - you probably need to get off the beaches and leave them binoculars to lose the steam offin' em.

JK, AussieD can't drop those binos on the beach. How else to see the ladies?

But but but Whitewall?!!!

Well ... I suppose by now technolergy's reached the level of bi-focal binoculers so'n ter make possible readin' an' oglin' simultwixtedly?

JK, there'll be a run on 'em at Spec Savers!

I place this "look at the book" too David as there, may be, some Voice that'll raise whatevers in objection.

As a general generally, "These Conservatives need me (Bob) to be explicative. For their own good."

Binoculars! What a bloody magnificent idea. Here's me been straining my eyes all these years.

All well with you Whitewall after that little breeze went through?

AussieD, we are okay here though east of us took it badly with still high flood waters and many hundred of homes lost. Humidity is unnaturally high due to the lingering flood water.

Relief's near Whitewall. Far as the humidity goes anyway.

24 hours ago in Arkansas our's (humidity) was running above 60% for the whole day long. Oh an' yesterday's high was 92° (34° C) but this morn dawned in the very comfortables for the first time since the third weekend of May.

Here tis' Whitewall:

"We" sent y'all forty-six utility linemen for staging pre-storm Whitewall an' they returned home early this morning (Saturday). Couldn't do a damn thing about the flooding rivers though ...

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