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Saturday, 29 September 2018


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David, good observation. What is being done to this judge is pure democratic m/o...lynching. A century and a half ago or right now. Dems are still the party of lynching. Even after he is confirmed, it won't stop. It is easy I'm sure for outside parties to see what is happening and know that the 'Furies' are coming. And for what? Grabbing power by any means necessary. For what they are about to unleash---Goddamn the Democrat. I will amend if just one Dem Senator rises to his feet and summons enough integrity to tell his own kind to stop this madness.

David, you probably know this, but Theo Spark has enough real insight to the scurrilous political crap the Democrats stir up, and just scrolling down his posts, (Is that legal - Ed?), any normal chap or chapess can see how disgusting they are.

I fully expect the man to get the job, and the Democrats - or 'liberals' as they call themselves, shrieking obscenities, will hopefully get some sort of collective embolism and die off in numbers...

Luckily, President Trump is backing him so whether you like him or not, (I do), the guy is a safe shoe in, and a bloody good job too!

Calm down, dear boy. There might be some people out there somewhere - possibly husbands - who'd like to hang Kavanaugh, but all the political opposition wants is an FBI investigation. Of course the farther right will claim the FBI is part of a left wing plot, but that will no longer surprise anyone.

By the way, Kavanaugh didn't do himself any favors by way of his testimony, which can't be described as having been judicious. He even turned Trump against him by being a crybaby.

"Judicious". The man and his wife and children had been threatened and he had been called everything in the book including gang rapist! Screw judicious! He showed up, after 10 days of nonstop libel and slander, as a man standing his ground alone at that table. He stood alone also as a husband and father. The Judge in him was present during the regular hearing days before and he had perfect temperament as always. But if a man is worth the name, he will stand alone and fight if need be. He did, Rightfully so. Many millions of Americans saw and heard him call out that trash on the Committee and these Americans now have a new hero. He is more popular than any Senator or Representative now. This will grow.

All they "want is an FBI investigation?" You don't know what you are talking about. Trump is backing him all the way. It is just that at the moment, Trump is being classier than all the Democrats. McConnell told Trump to be patient and quiet. He is actually listening.

No the opposition does not want a FBI investigation.

What the opposition wants is a counterintelligence probe.

For the Bureau to launch an investigation, and multiple examples are readily in the public domain, a police report has been filed establishing Bureau jurisdiction ie kidnapping, bank-robbery, something criminally interstate; anyway for the Bureau to launch an investigation the must be a predicate federal crime.

Last I looked "allegedly attempting to cop a feel" hasn't made the US Criminal Code statute books.


There must be ... haste ya know.

Bob, 'pur-lease', don't even try to grey-wash, let alone white-wash, what the Dems are doing. It is disgusting, malicious, malignant and a very real threat to American democracy. They have not provided even the tiniest detail that would lend credence to the accusation. If you are happy to live in a state in which such things are sanctioned then you deserve everything that's coming your way!

Even more so than Labour in the UK, the Democrat Party here in the US of A has fallen to the leftist, AKA progressive, mob. At times their actions remind me of the left in pre-civil war Spain, which, of course, provoked an even more fierce counteraction. They simply cannot forgive Donald Trump for being legitimately elected despite all the forces and tricks thrown against him. They will destroy any person or institution that seems to stand in their way of removing or at least handcuffing Trump. "Disgusting" is too mild a word.

Oh that poor, poor man Kavanaugh. Hardball politics has only now been invented just to attack him!

Get a grip.

Bob. Piss off.

Judge Kavanaugh's predecessor on the Court was found dead in bed on the isolated ranch of a Democrat, with a pillow over his face, and cremated without an autopsy. (against Texas law, BTW) The Republicans were reluctant to allow the confirmation of a Left-leaning replacement, for reasons that most people do not want to mention.

The Democrats were very annoyed at this obstruction of their attempted coup d'etat. Remember, these are the people who took rifle shots at a Congressman at a baseball practice. They are the people who have launched riots in reaction to the Republican Presidential victory. They shout down conservative speakers on university campi. They call Republicans NAZI, while using NAZI tactics against any opponent.

And, perhaps worst of all, they state that they feel justified in every legal or quasi legal trick that they pull. This is not Democracy. This is NOT "what democracy looks like." The party of slavery, the party who founded the Ku Klux Klan as it paramilitary wing, is still going at it. I am so ashamed that I was once a very devout member of that gang, until they tried to steal the election in Florida. Under the Democrats, I was an election official. I know for an absolute certainty the there are NO dimpled chads, except when someone stacks up about ten punch cards and tries to punch ten of them at once. During the "post-election campaign" in 2000, the news media, even National People's Radio, reported, with apparently straight faces, precincts with more votes for Gore than signatures on the voter lists. Nope. It was a shock, a bitter disillusionment, for me and my wife, but we were through with the Dems. Eighteen years on, and they have only become more brazen. (No other changes in evidence.)

Hardball politics? Politics in the selection of a Judge for the Supreme Court?

Bob have you seen that statue that is frequently on the top of law court buildings in civilized countries? You know the one that is blindfolded, holding a sword in one hand and scales in the other.

Now tell me how allegations of an alleged act thirty odd years ago presented without a scintilla of proof of the act fits into the concept of justice and the behaviour of a civilized nation in selecting a jurist for such an important post.

"Bob. Piss off."

Come on Whitewall, give him a break. He soldiers on here thru' thick and thin, defending the indefensible! Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, he bats for all of them. Even senators working for the Chinese government.

I doubt you were all so worked up when Mitch McConnell and company held up Merrick Garland's hearing for almost a year to keep him off the court. You guys can believe and dish out anything, but any contrary notion brings on a torrent of often imaginary outrages and grievances. Again, get a grip.

Not so, Bob, the Garland delay was achieved using the normal 'hook 'n' crook' methodology beloved of politicians when they play with the rule-book. No-one attempted to destroy Garland's personal life by making unprovable and vile accusations. Come along, Bob, you are a 'clever fella' and you the know the difference perfectly well.

Oh, please, David. You're too 'clever' to believe Republicans don't use smear tactics. Politics ain't beanbag.

There are smear tactics, Bob, and there are personal character assassinations.

David, you're splitting a hair to pull my leg, aren't you, you old devil?

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