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Tuesday, 04 September 2018


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Gunfight at the Westminster Coral would be an interesting sight to behold. Do bring your scuba gear.

A post of nearly limitless imagination, David. I'll just point out that "The Big Don" (in this post an uncharacteristically credible reference to Mafia terminology) is only interested in politics.

I beg to differ, Bob, in my opinion Trump is solely interested in Trump!

Personally I miss those old Westerns and we are a poorer country for the lack of them. I have a pretty good collection of some of my favorites. Many westerns never had a 'shoot out'. Many also had moral conundrums that were usually sorted out by the end. Right and wrong were usually clear.

Bring it on. Bait and bleed.

I sometimes wonder if the Democrats have thought thru' their present policies. What do they think is going to happen if by some chance they win the 2020 presidential election? No doubt, the Republicans in Washington will just roll over and play by the rules. But what about the half of the electorate who voted for Donald Trump? The very heavily armed half of the electorate!

Democrats have dropped the mask in their rage and lust for power. For them, power is to be theirs by divine right or something. If they get power in 2020, the first war will be within their own ranks. As they bolt leftward, the evil ideology of socialism rears its ugly head.

David, I'll concede the point but add that Trump's concentration on politics over policy is a matter of survival. His popularity among Republicans is still somewhere north of 80%. However, the number of voters who identify as Republican has shrunk from 42 to 37% since he took office. He'll say anything to excite his "base".

"The number of voters who identify as Republican has shrunk from 42 to 37% since he took office."

What say we put a little meat on dem bones?

Looks like the most obvious plot line in the history of espionage and assassination plot lines just got its final affirmation: It was Vlad wot dun it.

What made me laugh was the GRU weren't even smart enough to mix up the numbering sequence on the state sponsored passports of their two thugs! There was only one digit difference in the sequence.

And as for Blighty's Sherlock's, they had 250 coppers sat there watching CCTV (haven't they heard of face recognition, pattern matching, and big data?) and took two months to finger the thugs (they got on a plane from Moscow a few days before, with passports one digit different, stayed in a shithole hotel in London, and flew back together the day after the attack - the exact same pattern of dumb as a chair leg plan that bumped of Litvinenko).

That's it really, isn't it: Dumb and dumber.



My numbers were from an older Gallup poll based on monthly averages. I quoted them from memory and couldn't find more recent data from a poll of the same type:

This poll adds those who identify with a party or lean its way. Probably the leaners make the difference.

Yo Lawrence!

As if all that shit ain't been known for a long long time.

(You'll recognize SoD ... mebbe some one or another of the commentors, Keerful Thereforeon?

"My Friend" who hosted that particular blog has ... gone on so, any effort to double check from here must come through Arkansas.

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