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Wednesday, 19 September 2018


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My family enjoyed them over here as well! Another time in another world. RIP

'Take it from here' was just marvellous for family listening!

My sister and I'd like The Glums, mum and dad some of the cleverer lines, but it just fabulous for fifties families in front of the fire...


One of my favourite Dennis Norden lines was from one of his 'Laughter files' episodes when he just saved himself from 'corpsing' after uttering the spoonerism: "hypodeemic nurdle" It's imprinted on me now, every time the topic of medical needles comes up, it's 'hypodeemic nurdles'. And the joy he obviously got from delivering such gems was plain to see. One of the greats.

"hypodeemic nurdle"

I haven't heard that in years. Take It From Here was very popular "Down Under" and I was a devoted listener.

RIP Dennis

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