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Wednesday, 26 September 2018


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It seems Red Diaper Babies make some of the very best Communists. If the West won the Cold War, and sometimes I wonder, why are there still commies walking around like they are respectable? Looks like your Left mirrors the American Left. They never learn a damn thing.

I see Jezza has also promised to create 400,000 skilled jobs. This from a man who has never actually done a skilled job in his entire life.

David it is good you will have adult supervision while in London!

Uncle Mort:

"I see Jezza has also promised to create 400,000 skilled jobs. This from a man who has never actually done a skilled job in his entire life."

You missed the bit about these being green jobs. And you'd have to agree that Jezza is as green as green can be!

You can whinge all you like at the left, but it's the greater Brit public you're actually targeting, because they agree with Corbyn ...

Two years ago the Gaffer was crowing about Corbyn's being elected to lead the Labour party, and how it would guarantee the unelectability of Labour.

I said that was wrong-headed. I said the Brit hoi-poloi had a penchant for Collectivism, Authoritarianism and Statism, and that Corbyn would become a real threat.

I also said that removing the only restraint on Corbyn's agenda of CA&S, namely the rules and regs of the single market preventing anti-competitive practices, would leave constitutionless Blighty at the mercy of Corbyn's CA&S agenda and send Blighty straight back to the 70's.

How do you feel about that now?


I don't have the highest opinion of the Great British Public but I suspect that the loonie ravings of the Party conference will not persuade too many to vote for Catweasel.
The problem could be that in a period of uncertainty they might turn to the Liberal alternative,as has happened in the past and if they do the Libdems will rush into the arms of whoever gives them a chance of power sharing.
They truly are the whores of parliaments and if Labour are short of support they will drop their caks for a thimbleful of governement

And now May can't criticise Corbyn because she has aped socialist policies herself. She can only double up on her own socialist policies to challenge his, to try and out-socialist a committed Marxist ...

And so the race to the bottom of CA&S begins across all political parties, with no last defence external EU anti-CA&S rules and regs.

Perhaps you are starting to realise that the EU is a right wing Libertarian institution of the very type you espouse, as currently demonstrable regards Poland and Hungary in the legal and political spheres, and as would be applied to Blighty if left or right CA&S's get power and try it on in the economic sphere.

Nice job 26th June 2016. You were like HIV to the body corporate of Blighty - shafted the immune system and let all the bugs and viruses in.



Much will depend on how the Maybot handles Brexit and whether she is still Tory leader come the next General Election, which will take place a shade over three and a half years from hence.

It was Harold Wilson who said that a week was a long time in politics. Those were wise words.

If ever there was an exercise knowably doomed to failure in advance it is this ...

Desperate to provide some defence against the coming Marxist tsunami, the DT throws up a "give the 'youf' a lecture on the benefits of capitalism" barrier.

Good luck with that one.

Nothing will spare the DT's blushes as it dawns on them that the only thing powerful enough to stop the 'youf' and rest of Blighty going Marxist, the construct of Margaret Thatcher, was dismantled by them: The peculiar, perverse affinity for the EU, and thereby the single market, of the 'youf' and left, in spite of the EU and single market being the very bastion of capitalism the 'youf' and left despise.

Nice job 23rd June 2016.


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