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Sunday, 16 September 2018


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This being my last day of vacation, I'm not going to make even a small fraction of the effort deserved in pointing out what a cynical phony Andrew Sullivan is. Over the years he could rationalize nearly everything the Republicans were doing in the oddly high-minded tone only an insistently gay and religious, self-appointed Brit intellectual could muster. Now that things have taken an undeniably unfortunate turn, he's trying to claim he really - cross his heart of hearts - never had any part of it. To borrow a word: Bollocks.

Whilst watching it rain and blow and rain and blow outdoors...naturally I came across this piece from Reason. The police seem to be misused:

Anyone know the English word for 'Stasi'?

I do like the worrisome Andrew Sullivan's opening paragraphs about the great tradition that is Conservatism as the building block of a healthy society and culture that endures. The question is always 'conserve what'? Our Post Modern West is killing itself off deliberately with absolutely nothing to replace what built it. Hell, even the Catholic Church is now being hollowed out by a homosexual cadre of self acceptance and justification up to and including the current clown Pope! Current decayed Western society will prevent thorough investigation of these predator priests because too much of 'progressivism's' indulgences will be exposed.

If a return to the healthy Conservatism of the Anglo Saxon world is to be done, the arrival of 'A Donald Trump' is vital. Vital for the Anglosphere, and eventually all of Western Europe. Stoics and nihilists and neo Marxists can build nothing.

At least Hitchens is free to Write the book. In English. Not German or even Russian.

Hitchens makes some valid points but he has made them with the kind of 20/20 hindsight that was completely unavailable at the time.

Richard, you are right but that's history!

Ref Laurelski and Hardski or whatever you called them, just seen the news: there is a God after all.

The crafty Israelis hid behind a Rooskie recce plane to fire their missiles into Latakia - and Assad's S200 batteries shot the Rooskie plane down by mistake!

15 dead Rooskies. A few more to go to make up for the 300 on MH17, Dawn Sturgess, the Skripals, 10,000 Ukrainians, and countless Syrians, but it's a start.

I do hope the Israelis will explain that their tourists were not to blame ...


For future reference in this saga, a good summary of Laurenski and Hardski's comedic shambles over the last few years ...


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