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Sunday, 30 September 2018


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Interesting point made by Peter Hitchens in his Mail on Sunday column about the #MeToo hysteria having made no impact at all upon Bill Clinton. Funny, isn't it? One might almost think the hysteria is completely faked up and based on the politics of Roe V. Wade, rather than genuine principle about naughty men and their wayward members.

the #Metoo movement was started by Democrats right after She lost. The movement will put to death by Democrats in due course.

If Germany has to cough up 2b Euros, exactly who gets this kickback and for what?

Warren might run but probably won't be the nominee. She's just not good enough on Television. Of course that assumes the Democrats could catch on almost 60 years after the Nixon/Kennedy debates.

The pattern repeats within the Western Left too: comply, stay silent and don't object...

DD, You wound my ego very deeply.

I beat Ellen Anthony to the Mockingbird observation by about a week. Unlike Judge Kavanaugh's accusers, I have evidence, to wit:

I retreat to lick my wounds.

According to one of our news papers Down Here "the Boris" is getting stuck into Saint Theresa of May for being lily livered with the Eurocrats.

A Palace coup is in train?

Diplomad, I cringe, Sir, and prostrate myself as I beg fore-giveness for my idleness!

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