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Sunday, 09 September 2018


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The in-cell telephone thing has already happened in a prison near here.

Who is paying for these cell phones (phones to be used in cells?), The contracts, line rentals and insurances for when they get lost (?), broken (more likely) or, goodness forfend, stolen? If it's not the convict, then it should come from the obscene salaries of the cretinous person or people who thought this up.
Surely, a better way would be to introduce the time-honoured methods used in military prisons - punishment for the crime, with no privileges, and then gradual rehabilitation. I never met anyone who had undergone this regime, who wanted to go back.


Most of them are career criminals. So we provide them with the means to maintain contact with their professional associates on the outside.

What could go wrong?

All those policemen monitoring facebook for people being nasty about muslims could be switched to monitoting real criminals

I have a hard time understanding why present day writers find it necessary to look back at past wars to point out why those wrong headed people who made suspect decisions for poor reasons and suspect motives did what they did. All of these present day writers can do this freely and most importantly in English.

That 'ladies tennis event' was allowed to become a shabby spectacle due to Ms. Williams unsportsman like conduct. She was being beaten and was beaten by a young woman who ended up being treated as second class by tournament officials who were hoping to maintain a PC narrative at the expense of the actual winner. A slimy attempt at virtue signaling without virtue.

Oh I dunno David about your asserting Mr. Gauke is a dork. He may simply have been pulling a page outta Arkansas' playbook on "jails expenses budgeting."

Here in Arkansas we place phones right inside the cells and then charge a slight "administrative fee" for the convenience - we've gotten complaints about us being near criminally extortionate what with our fee working out to be $10.00 (ten dollars) a minute but we calmly reply, "Well we don't flog 'em into calling their lawyers so ..."

In other Arkansas criminal justice news:

(That mighta been more aptly placed into a Monday Funnies.)

Dammit, JK, I was relying on you to offer some personal stories from your navy days in which, I'm sure, you must have come across the occasional Shore Patrol!

Sailors on a long awaited shore leave getting into a bit of trouble? Seems that is normal in ports of call.

Well one time David I was innocently washing my feet in a Filipino laundromat when, somehow/why, the owner took offense and notified the SPs. The baton bearers initially peaceably handcuffed me behind my back then placed me into a single cell of the brig.

"Quite unnecessary," thinks I sitting on the bunk so I casually scrunched my legs up and slipped the cuffs around my ankles so I'd have my hands more conveniently in my front.

Bad idea very apparently. When the SPs delivered me to the ship I'd been wrapped head-to-toe in near 200 pounds of chain through which a pole had been slipped effectively rendering me to be "hog-slung" up to the XO's purview.

Thereupon I got three days bread and water.

Otherwise I was a model sailor.

I read hitchens article. Nothing in thre which an averagely well informed person didn't know but presented in a mean sneering knowitall manner.

Guy's a dick quite frankly.

JK, I just knew you would have a good yarn for us all - thanks!

"Events dear boy events" again eh?

H/T Maverick Philosopher

Come across USN Shore Patrol people occasionally. Mostly in the US and a couple of time in Singapore when we were there at the same time as USN ships.

They are not big - they are bloody huge and brutal with USN personnel. Far more than ours or RN types but then most of our shore patrols were drawn from ships ratings and PO's who had to live on the same ships with the people they were "regulating".

There must be a special breeding programme somewhere in the US of A where they grow them.

I vaguely remember a story I heard many years ago about a previously model sailor lining up for morning roll call in a dressing gown and holding a cup of coffee.
Or did I dream it!

Andra, I think You were in the Navy and just told on yourself!

Memory slip.

Whitewall. When on parade an old Cameronian National Serviceman rolled down the embankment onto the parade ground. He had his morning gown on and his puttees on above his slippers. Unforgettable moment. He was given a rail warrant and escorted to the rail Stn. I attended his funeral some years later. He fought in Malaysia 1951/53.

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