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Saturday, 08 September 2018


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Fortunately, as you have passed the middle age of 75 you will have many years of not paying for British Bias Corporation. And of course, after next March they might lose their stipend from their good friends in the EU. Although the unelected commissars might still think they can use their fifth column.

Remind me, what happened to Lord HAW-HAW?

Next thing you know the cheeky Beeb won't bother to have Flat Earthers on to debate globalists.

The odd thing about the BBC is that it still takes the climate game seriously, as if prominent Beeb staff think it really is a scientific theory with lots of evidence behind it.

Having spent twenty years pushing the idea that CO2 is the only driver of climate, the BBC has two choices- back off or double down.
Backing off would be very difficult given the vast numbers of BBC programmes being shown as repeats on many channels- they would be forced to contradict themselves and loose credibility.
So they are doubling down.

Coming soon: "Mental confinement" for "deniers" ...


While we're at it we can throw in the Australian Broadcasting Commission as a job lot.

They would consider Jeremy Corbyn a raving right wing nut job.

I'm sure Rupert murdoch could be persuaded to put in a bid.

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