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Tuesday, 11 September 2018


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Thank you kind sir! With a straight line path like this storm-Florence- you can never be sure about her last minute path. When hurricanes begin to cross the Gulf Stream and its warmer waters, they tend to pause and feed on these waters and can grow stronger. After that, they have been known to 'wobble' a bit before heading west. Either way, nobody from Charleston, SC to Norfolk, Va is safe.

G'day Whitewall,

Stay safe friend. I have never been in a hurricane and don't wish to. Have been at sea in Storm Force and that is not fun

Best never'd to AussieD.

I've a friend got onc't finagled into riding in the back of an Orion [P-3] as the ship we was on rolled into Yokosuka. I tol' him he "is an ijit!" but he was an' is from Texas so I offered him my Green Bag to take along.

Of course being from Texas that was refused but, talkin' to the guy on the radio from the safety of the innards of the ship - we'd docked earlier - he said "Woudn'a mattered anyway - I'm gettin' puked on from ever' quarter!"

And it was no wonder - the USAF guy flying the thing ... well the pilot had no idea for airframe tolerances.

This was that storm:

I trust Whitewall, you've your hatches battened?

We'll be following your adventure Whitewall.

G'day JK

50-55 knots across the deck and seas in the Tasman as high as the bridge.

Again in Bass Strait which is a nice mongrel piece of water as the prevailing South Westerly winds build up enormous long waves in the Southern Ocean and then they roll into the average 50m deep Strait past King Island. Don't need to tell you what happens to long high waves when they hit shallow water.

Made the occasional Force 7 to 8 seem like a flat calm.

Hard to explain to a landsman the terrible beauty of that kind of sea.

Arrest lists? They'll blow you a kiss and send you to the Gulag with book clubs and theatre galore, you'll love it ducky! ...


Look, enough with all this nautical-speak, I'm feeling rather unwell!
As JK says, we'll all be thinking of you and yours, Whiters, so take care and if, and when, you can, let us know how it's going.

Sorry Duffers but I have to reply to JK.

Looked at the entry on Typhoon Tip. I was safely shore bound here in Oz in 1979 thank goodness.

Aye AD, hard to explain.

Well maybe ... "the flightdeck's awashing JK and yer backseating!"

(Normally, the flightdeck rode seventy seven foot above calm water.)

Oy vey David!

JK - what has become of the Big Henry?

And for Aussie D - JK has spent quite a bit of time in Oz and knows us well.

If you've Andra, not heard from Henry ...

Well, it's not necessarily that I haven't heard from him but he hasn't been talking to DD. I guess he has better things to do but I did enjoy his words.... that's a smart man there.
PS: I've been through around 22 cyclones here in North Queensland but never anything like the monster heading for the southern states of the US of A. Keep those hatches battened and head for the hills!

May is finished, part 2755, and just as likely as the preceding parts. They are a shower,a gutless shower,those who seek to usurp her. I don't think they have the will, because like all politicians, self preservation comes first and no one wants to step into this self made shitstorm that Brexit has become.
I voted to remain,not because I hold any brief for the EU,on the contrary ,but because I could not detect anyone on either side who had the faintest notion of what we were really getting ourselves into economically .Also it was blindingly obvious that the EU would make this as hard as possible and they had a much better hand than us.

Now look here, Graham (he wrote in his best Capt. Mainwaring voice!), I can't have these disgraceful 'Remoaner' sentiments expressed on this Brexiteer outpost! However, you are correct in surmising that most of our, er, 'glorious leaders' are not at all clear on where events will take us economically. Even so, I am a confirmed Brexiteer, not for any economic reasons but because I want the Laws of England to be made here in England, not by the likes of 'Junck the Drunk' and his Toady-in-Chief, Martin Selmayr! Also, I would remind you that the 'EU Mk.I' in 1940, also "had a much better hand than us" and look where that got them!

'S begun:

Juliet Samuel decomposes complexity very clearly in her writing, you may not agree with all her conclusions (I don't) but her dissection and treatment of the spaghetti junction of contradictions, hypocrisies and can't of both sides of the Brexit conflict is brill ...


Can't = cant typo


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