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Tuesday, 18 September 2018


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And there was me thinking China ws the number one owner of US T Bills.

China will find a back chanel way to appease Trump and if he doesn't go all out on belittling them he will have a significant victory under his belt, but face and all that stuff does count here.

Maybe, baby, ooops, sorry, I mean 'Thud' but check out my "corrective" above.

Whatever actually happens, China will put on a face of all going well until it absolutely can't. Of course that attitude will hinder China in the never ending process of correcting mistakes. Hence ultimately China will fall behind or blow up.
Prediction as to timing is impossible as warning signs are/will be deliberately hidden.

Aep is a somewhat more perceptive and intelligent commentator than warner.
It's been obvious for years.

AEP is the mother and father of all "cry wolfers"! He was blathering on about the Euro taking down the EU for nearly a decade now, and China taking the world down due to a credit bubble. None of whatever he predicts ever happens! And things happen that he fails to predict, like Blighty voting leave.

To predict what's going to happen next you'd be safe going with the opposite of whatever he predicts.

His non-predictive commentary is better, like this absolute must read about the left's peculiar, conflicted posture ref the EU ...

The right's claim that the EU is a socialist project is as deluded as the left's affinity for what is a neoliberal, ordoliberal, Libertarian, call it whichever, project and ethos.

He talks that palpable fact out admirably.

But an oracle he is not.


An inevitably more integrated world motivates both the right and left. In general the current difficulty with globalization is that money moves across borders much more easily than people. At the moment globalization can rightly be seen as a financially elitist, neoliberal project; thus the rise of nationalism. It can also be seen as a mechanism to increase social cohesion and decrease conflict. The challenge is finding ways to make the new economy more equitable. Nationalism is an attempt to achieve the opposite, which makes it both politically popular and the most self-defeating answer.

For example rural voters put Trump in office largely based on his nationalistic rhetoric. This is what they've gotten in return:

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